Alicorns Forever! ^.^ 12 members · 0 stories

Anypony can Join!:D You can create any kind of post(Or something......(ex:Gore,teen,etc.)) and about anypony(Ex:Princess Celestia,Princess Luna,Princess Twilight Sparkle,Cadence,O.C.s,etc)
Just as long as you have fun Making Them!!! Have a good Day!!

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331171........ Posts.Or whatever They are called.Lol.But Anythig you really want,you can post.

328552Like Alicorn things.Anything with Alicorns actually.ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

So what can I post here?

327977lol Pretty much perhaps.Alicorns always Live Forever so.

What is the prime idea of this group? That we're alicorns forever?

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