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Sorry for no new stories lately · 9:01pm Sep 4th, 2020

Been focusing on losing some weight, and I'm finally making some progress. but I think I'll be working on something soon, a padded story involving Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, I've had It on my mind for awhile.

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Today I finished Star Wars the Clone Wars season 7, the series finale. · 4:14am May 16th, 2020

Was by far the greatest season I have ever seen, and the ending was both sad and beautiful, I won't spoil it but order 66 still saddens me.

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So I've returned to watching Pokemon again. · 7:19pm Mar 6th, 2019

Admidnly I haven't been interested in the series for years, last I saw was Pokemon Black and White and It was a great series, I liked that Team Rocket was after other targets aside from Ash and Pikachu, and I recently started Pokemon XY, and Its great so far, although like the rest of the show I'm sure ash will lose the pokemon league. but as good as It is I wish they'd focus on a new character other than Ash, the games focus on new people.

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Sorry for being so inactive lately. · 1:36am Feb 14th, 2019

I'm just really busy Is all, I'm trying to slowly write some stories as much as possible, My reason for being busy? I'm willing to admit I've been gaming, playing Spyro the dragon, Its just apart of my childhood, I only played through the first game as a kid and now that I'm on the 3rd game I just want to 100% It, but I am still writing, I haven't given up on that. so yeah, that's my excuse.

On another note.... I still need to see the best gift ever which I'm super late on.


My parents bought me a plushie at some museum they went to in Chicago. · 1:24am Dec 11th, 2018

they went there for two days, so here's the plushie they got me.

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I'll probably have a new fic out today. · 8:51pm Dec 1st, 2018

And please don't worry I'm still working on the Cozy Glow one, but this one's an age regression story, Its a collab and I've never done an age regression fic so It should be fun.

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Well that's unexpected. R.I.P. Stephen Hillenburg · 6:40pm Nov 27th, 2018

The guy made Spongebob Squarepants, while I will admit I don't watch the show much, there are still some great episodes throughout all the seasons, my favorite was when Patrick and Spongebob went to the beach and pretty much went to war with each other using sand planes/castles/robot things, It was a cool episode, but this Is sad news.

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Command And Conquer Is finally getting a remaster. and other gaming news · 2:20am Nov 17th, 2018

possibly the best news I've heard In awhile and yes the expansion packs are included, I am going to be saving money on this, Its true I hate EA but there no way they can mess this up, this game shouldn't even have microtransaction and even If it did, I don't thank Its needed in a game like this.

Command & Conquer is getting remastered with the help of original developers

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R.I.P Stan Lee and Douglas Rain. · 1:25am Nov 13th, 2018

Stan Lee is dead at 95

Douglas Rain, the creepy voice of HAL in '2001,' dies at 90

I will miss both these actors but I will miss Stan Lee the most, his cameos were the best part of the films, he was a great guy, shame I never was able to meet the guy.

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Star Wars Composer John Williams has been hospitalized! · 9:54pm Oct 24th, 2018

I really hope he lives, his music for the Star Wars films were amazing.

Star Wars' Composer John Williams Hospitalized With Illness

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