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You are wise, my friend.

Then thank you, sincerely.

377370 I can't be bothered to troll



Eh, when I was eighteen, I thought it would be fun. You've got the benefit of anonymity, and it gets a rise out of people. Doesn't take long for it to get old, or to feel childish.

I don't quite understand the lengths that some go to.

377359 no I don't troll but I would troll forums if it wasn't so much effort



No. People troll people anywhere and everywhere. It happens all the time in Youtube comments. Those aren't forums.

I'll assume that your serious then, and that you're not misinterpreting this whole ordeal on purpose.

377352 if I were trolling I would be on a forum



Let me explain the whole situation to you:

I came in wondering what the purpose of this forum is.

You responded defensively, apparently believing that I was somehow hostile.

I was coy, but I explained myself and my intentions.

You decided to take offense to the fact that I referred to you as a kid, further evidencing the fact that I was right, anyway.

Then you decide to take offense to a metaphor. And no, I suppose that you probably don't look like a book. That's what many of us would like to call, figurative language.

I have to ask, are you trolling me? :trixieshiftright:

377348 do I look like a book to you

377349 well I can stop but you keep giving me a reason to carry on. SHUT UP:flutterrage:


Uh huh. I'm absolutely mortified. I came in here with a inquiry, and you've been nothing but rude.



There's no way of knowing whether or not our brains are, in fact, lying to us.

Oh by the way I did create the group I have all the power to remove you:pinkiecrazy:

377344 actually I'm not a book:ajbemused:



so I started a sentence with shut up you can't see me so you don't know if I'm making out that I'm younger then I am

You're an open book, kid.

377014 so I started a sentence with shut up you can't see me so you don't know if I'm making out that I'm younger then I am



Once you're on the net for a while, you start to pick up on general psychology within age-groups. A huge indicator was not only the words you used, but how overly-defensive you were without actually evaluating the situation.

Most adults wouldn't start that sentence with 'shut up', and the grammar wasn't exactly perfect. In your reply, you seem to have devolved into text/chat-speak. Given that this is a site mostly populated by amateur writers, I don't expect to run into 'u' that often.

It's also wholly possible that you're trolling me, and that you're perfectly capable of punctuating your sentences. I still haven't figured out what prompted the creation of this forum, or why your username is dedicated towards the cause of supporting a forumgoer(?) It's also possible that you, yourself are actually an alt of Bad Dragon, and you're having a joke at my expense. If so, then well played.

In any case, it's all relative. Around here, fifty-year-olds call me kid, and I suspect that a large portion of the site is younger than I am, so by law of averages, I'm betting that I can get away with it.

376982 who are u calling kid



You've got no idea who I am or what my intentions are, yet you come at me with hostility? Kid, you're kind of shooting yourself in the foot here. I'm just expressing bewilderment.

376928 shut up if ya nothing nice ta say dont say anything at all

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