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I just write whatever pops in my head.


Maybe they're right about the internet · 12:01am Sep 21st, 2015

Cripes, has it really been almost a year since I posted a chapter in this story? What was I doing all this time?

Oh yeah. Internet.

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1601738 Follow all the stalkers!

Thanks for the follow!

1598196 Nonono, you're my creeper, not a creeper! :derpytongue2: So, that means you can't explode.

1596890 You're welcome.

*Hissssssss BOOM*

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To Do List

I've seen other people doing these checklists. Since I have not a single shred of originality, I'm going to do one, too.

[x] Get a like on a story
[x] Get 10 likes on one story
[ ] Get 100 likes on one story
[ ] Get 1k likes on one story

[x] Break 100 total story views
[x] Break 1k total story views

[ ] Get featured
[ ] Finish a multi-chapter story
[x] Delete that one story of mine that I'm ashamed of

[x] Accuse Regidar of eating my Cheetos
[ ] Get my first death threat
[ ] Open up to the Anti-Depression Ponies
[ ] Receive useful criticism
[ ] Get called insane, or a synonym thereof

[ ] Write a clopfic
[ ] Bask in the shame
[ ] Write a multi-chapter HiE epic
[ ] Never publish it
[ ] Write a sequel to Macinplums

[X] Find out someone actually looked at my To Do list