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death to ponies. orbital bombardment will do


Comment posted by I AM THE BEAST I WORSHIP deleted Apr 10th, 2015


Meta posts. The ones that we are communicating through right now. Meta is like "breaking the fourth wall", that sort of thing.


Out of character. Basically, I only used this when I need to answer "meta" posts.

352816 Raw...
Oh, and what does OOC mean?

This group is a joke group, right?

P0niez are s0 l33t thei can disarm a Nuke In 0.0001 sekunds!!!"!=#=))("!)#ยค/2


352802 MMMMMMMMMMMM ribs
I wonder what they're wings will taste like


Stir-fried, barbecued...

I must agree with the name of this group. Ponies are superior in every way. They taste better when fried, cooked, baked, roasted...

Guys let's touch our horns together and destroy them with our friendship lasers.

The Princesses shall cause their own weapons to backfire on them!


yeh, i suport teh per and hopee tat the humunz race iz destroyed like leeroy jenkins.

yeh ponies r teh coolest race yis, far betr than dem hoomans uhuh ye we r awesome mhm us hooman shaped pones yup. yeh, definitely uhuh, totes being srs


Our pegasi will outmaneuver and destroy the top fighting jets of the world, including the F-22 Raptor!

Our magic shall easily withstand even the mightiest of their atomic weaponry.

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