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In the Divines we Trust

May no one ever question our faith, for we now stand together as one.

We shall serve our glorious Gods of Fimfiction with steadfast loyalty and devotion.

We shall destroy those whom they deem worthy of being destroyed.

None shall stand against us, for the Divines stand with us.

In the final days of Fimfiction, Lord Knighty and his allies shall wield the mighty Hammers of Banning, and the world shall tremble to its core.

Through Knighty's Glory, May It Be So.

Make sure to join the Shrine of the Heavensent as well!

Conquered by the Kingdom of Hiercaos!

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Divines bless you, may the ground you walk quake as you pass. You know where this was from?

351138 ALL HAIL!!!! :raritydespair: THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

let us all worship lord knighty and the gods!


350739 It shall be done, oh great one!

All my Applejacks bow to you!



I expect many praises! Tuesday is my day of worship between 4pm EST and 11pm EST. Only time slot I can fit you in.


You ain't a mod, fool.

Also. You're actually kinda meh.

I kid. You know I love ya.

~Skeeter The Lurker

350736 NO! :raritydespair: Please, oh great one! This temple is devoted to the Gods, but we never intended any disrespect towards you, mighty sire!

I shall build a temple in your glory! I swear! :raritycry:


I curse your group for not praising me!

350732 I, for one, worship Eldorado a tad more than the others. Welcome, however! Your faith is safe with us. :pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 1 - 16 of 16
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