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Did you ever want to read or write fics with major figures from ancient mythologies and cultures?

Then you're at the right place.

This group is dedicated to crossovers between myths and legends, and of course mlp. Anything here is allowed, anthro, human, au. As long as it features a mythological figure in a big role.

There are folders dedicated to different beliefs. Have a fun time writing and reading.


1. Respect other people and their beliefs, were the mlp pantheon, we respect everyone.

2. No self promotion in any way. Anyone caught in it will get one warning, if it happens gain they are to be executed (thrown out)

3. No stories that don't feature a mythological figure, they will be removed from the folders if they do not have one in a big role.

4. You get one warning and then you're out.

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You should really have a folder for Egyptian mythology.

go look up the minotaur on wikipedia and read the origin story, the main difference is that it's a woman getting banged by a bull they gives birth to the minotaur.
:pinkiecrazy: Isn't mythology great!?

The banner.

The guy with the cow is...

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