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This is an INVITE ONLY GROUP. If you join and I have not sent you an invitation, then I will ban you before you can type "OH FUDDY DUDDY"

This is an experimental group to see if we can make an adventuring group aside from the Comment Warriors original group.

I'm not sure what this group is for anymore, but we'll figure something out......eventually.

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301343 Rhanks for the invite!


Thankee kind sir!

You try, that's all that matters.


Sure! Why not! Your artwork is A LOT better than mine anyway.


Do you want a banner. I could do another one.

Your life. I respect your choice.

Not really an Elder Scrolls fan.


Just a lapse of stupidity in finals week. Don't worry about it. But, if you like the elder scrolls, go sign up for the closed beta!

300138 Huh? what do you mean?


Why is the thread backwards now?

300116 sup? I'm at work at the moment. Can't talk much.

299959>>299933>>299937 Kay guys! Finally here!

299957 oops. sorry bout that.

299956 Dunno. Cleaning the kitchen right now, so not long. You got me at the tail end of dinner.

299955 How long should that take?

299953 kk. I'll take your advice. And I'll join in once I'm back at my pc.

299949 You coming to the thread or what?

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