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Nothing to see here. Or is there...

About Me

I'm Ben.

I joined FIMFiction in October 12th, 2011 and have been the world's worst author (by that, I mean "takes longer to write something than Dr. Dre takes to make an album") ever since. But I'm looking to change that soon. I changed my username to not only have a fresh start, but because it's my username across other sites. I think some people here will always know me as BlueRidgeMountainMan and that's perfectly fine.

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Thank you very much for the fave on The Light in the Darkness! :pinkiesmile:

2025677 Enjoy it? I LOVED it! :D

I'm glad you enjoyed my story A Hint of Key Lime. :twilightsmile:


Hey, cool to see you around here! And thanks for the props!

"Fuck Grape Ape and Magilla
I'm a killa
Magilla Gorilla ain't a killa
White boys like Godzilla
But my supernigga named King Kong
Played his ass like ping-pong
So muthafuckas get ya DING DONG!
Or the bozack! What's that? DICK AND NUTSACK"

BRILLIANT, guys. Just brilliant.

672568 Cool! I'm 'RhymeDragWithDrag' on there. (Nice Da Lench Mob review btw).

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