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Busy, busy, busy... · 1:22pm Feb 12th, 2012

Hey guys! As you may be wondering where my most recent update had gone the answer is quite simple... It took passenger seat. Whats 'driving' my intrest now is a brand new project that is in the works between me and about 5-7 friends. I'm proud of my most current work as it is some of my finest yet. Now see as to where my fanfic is somewhat limited as there is a slight obligation to sumbit yourself to an already established setting. Sure you can warp the everliving crap out of the my little pony

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Then I'd like a link to that person, and also a link for the artist of that picture.

Oh, im so sorry. I do not write unfortunatly
These stories were made by someone else for me

You have them opened? I really loved the Celestia Gryphon thing.

what about them?


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