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282217 Thats cool, im from the caribbean

Im from panama


Pretty much sums up my weekends now and my friends reactions to it
Luckily Vader is a Brony

259596 im late but wheres the sneak peak

256433 I mean country, or state, or whatever

Hey guy, I'm returning to school, vacations are over. Man I wish my school wasnt so boring and Spanish (which ironically is my main language ) wasn't so hard

251816 You dont need to have mad plastic arts skills, just making a shoutout to the contribuitonrs

I'd say yes.... But I haven't even touched pony creator, ever, sorry:twilightblush:

do you mean like the folders in three of me vs school society if so :flutterrage: YES

Im also planning on adding OC Maker folders
as in Enake gets one, Mard gets one, Ka2um gets one...
i get 3... cause im so awesome... :3

No seriously, what do you think?

Sounds good to me

223689 OF COURSE YAY BEING A OC IS COOL or getting one written for you lol kickass


Ok guys, here is what im planning to do with the group

Before i submit the story a couple of things will happen:

1. All of the previous comments will be deleted
2. A massive overhaul of the group will be made
3. I will pm all of the OC submitters htat made it through to come join
4. They will become moderators and admins

Sound Good?

Hello you 3, I joined on a Monday here.
I can feel that the story will be awesome:eeyup:

Jew guys can expect something like this in the following chapters

  • Viewing 12 - 31 of 31
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