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Discomfort is the feeling of horizons expanding against a closed mind.

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To Cure Deception: Complete
The Secret Special Somepony: Writing
Daughter of the First Reign: Complete
Angel of Death and Discord: Complete
Precious Honesty: Complete
Unseemly: Concept
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Modus Ponies: Concept
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Black and White and Red All Over: Hiatus


As an author, who frequently works with interactive media, I have developed an appreciation for a particular brand of authorship. One that indicates that the "what" is less important than the "why". This is the first rule of story craft I will be abiding by.

The second is to always push myself in new directions. To do something I've never done before. Which may lead me down strange avenues. As a reader, you may rest assured that not one story of mine will feel like any of the others. They'll all be carefully crafted, intentionally designed, and with luck: not take you—my reader—too far outside your comfort zone.

Though, it's good to examine that line too from time to time.

If you like what you've read, either in my stories or on the forums, consider deviating to my advice blog to expand your perspective on narrative design. As a disclaimer, I'm a logician—not a writer—by trade. A trade wherein logically deducing the absurd is, in fact, considered a proof of sanity.


Visual Reference Guide · 5:26am Aug 17th, 2021

From time to time various bits of imagery are sufficiently important warrant a physical representation, since MLP:FIM is primarily a visual medium, so I've created this listing to be updated as the need arises. Typically, this will include cutiemarks of characters in my stories as I publish them. Since this was growing larger than my main page needed, it's now here as projected.

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Cumulative Advice (Remastered) · 12:38pm Oct 19th, 2014

My cumulative advice for writers has been progressively expanding to an unmanageable point for a single blog post. It’s been taken down to undergo restructuring as to produce a more manageable format. This blog post will be the hub for all subsequent topics and advice. It is broken into sections with a link to the individual posts, while containing a short blurb about the topic in question. If you find a link that doesn't work yet, stay tuned, it will.

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My Favorites: Canon Characters

My Favorites: Changeling Characters

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2157408 That's cool... After reading your "about" section, I can see where your criticism is coming from. I tried to find a way to express the "why" without breaking the flow of the story, which is hard. But I guess you can express the "why" just as much through body language and eye glances than just spelling it out directly to the reader.

Add hesitation and/or sombre expression before they do anything. It doesn't matter if their actions afterwards contradicts those emotions.

2157315 Thanks, I came up with it myself.

I really like this quote "Discomfort is the feeling of horizons expanding against a closed mind"

It is very relatable towards receiving criticism, especially blunt criticism. But I guess it will always be tough to receive critique.

But of course.

If you see a linguafic floating around on FimFic that I haven't seen, do me a favor and tell me. I'm always eager for more.

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