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You wake up a little pony. Like from that cartoon. That's kinda weird. How did this happen? You have a few ideas. Don't really have time to figure that out though: you need to get ready and get to work.

A story: Wake up. Eat breakfast. Shower! Get dressed and ride the bus to work so can go to that unnecessary meeting.

So, a pretty normal day, really. Besides the pony thing. Everything is going to be fine.

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What a fun, whimsical TF escapade!

This story pokes fun of so many TF tropes, and has humor abound from start to finish. It was a delight to read, short and sweet :twilightsmile:

Well that was fun and sweet! :twilightsmile: The growing list of potential triggers lends a kind of silly charm that fits with how aggressively chill the whole thing is.

Honestly that also gives the protagonist a very 'pony' feel – still kind and friendly whatever happens, and almost as if it were extending to other people just from the sheer earnestness.

Usually I'd balk at the 'Anon' thing, and second person narration to a lesser extent, but it works quite well here (and “Anon? Anon who?” gave me a good laugh!). All in all, a pleasant slice of positivity with a good dose of TF fun sprinkled in!

This reads like something from Kafka.

Inequus Corporae Transmuto!

Anyone who knows this slightly altered reference gets a cookie (the good kind, not the ones that track where you surf on the internet).

I hope that's a good thing! :twilightsheepish:

Yup, it is.

Franz Kafka wrote Metamorphosis. A story about a guy turning into a giant insect overnight. The first thing he then tried to do is go to work. This reads like a light hearted version of that story.

Aah. Heh. I'm a pretty big fan of the concept of transformation so I've heard of that story but only knew the synopsis! I see now. Yeah!

This was done because there was a very old but not done writing prompt in the pony transformation general about someone going to work despite being a pony. I thought I could make a silly story from that. I finished by big story so I thought I'd finish this unfinished story! I have a few more in my folders and a few new ideas. Some definitely TF!

this is like.. the dream scenario and i am here for it!! this was so cute excellent job 10/10


I read the comic, and having images to that is a lot worse than just reading the book.
Probably something about how our perception tends to be sight-based.

Yeah, I was hoping it would end with his family wounding him with an apple, locking him in his room, and starving him to death.

My little pony~
my little pony~

This deserves far more likes than it has gotten.

I think this Anon deserves a raise and a promotion simply because "he" isn't going to let one measly transformation and unwitting genderswap affect his career.

This needs many, many sequels.

Thank you! I'm glad people are liking my weird sense of humor! :twilightsmile:

I don't know about sequels but I'll keep in mind that people like good-natured clean TF with a light-hearted tone. Is there a particular thing you like about it?

This has given me a few laugh-out-loud moments. In particular, "I probably need to get that updated"

Seems way too functional for Kafka. Like yeah he wants to go in to work, but he CAN.

When will be the sequel?

I couldn't imagine what a sequel would be!

It's quite a silly story. It would need an equally silly sequel.

So I'm a Pony, So What? :pinkiecrazy:

Whew! Took me far too long to read this Cute little story. Hooves? Fur? Girl? This mare gives zero f--ks. "I'm a cute little mare of adorable proportions and you will Love Me!" Just absolutely loved how their problem solving skills worked and how delightfully blunt their whole character is. Woke up, am horse. I'll be in to work in an hour... Of course their CM would be a sunflower, always looking at the sunny side of things ;) . It's unfortunate that the poor mare had to get it during a presentation. Also, the Five Score reference and the potential hook about the cursing from the previous night. All sorts of fun speculation all creatively limited by the scope of perception and the drunk narrator perspective. So much fun in such a small package! Another amazing story as always~

You really need to put line breaks between each paragraph. It makes the story easier to read and also allows people to put in digital bookmarks.

Shoot! Sorry about that! This isn't a reflection of my usual quality, I promise. Fixed!

I wrote this and uploaded it under very unusual circumstances. My options for editing it at the time were on a small phone with a dead battery. I told myself I was going to edit it when I got home... and then I didn't! Thanks for the help.

“Twenty-five! Just had my birthday actually,” you tell her.

What a surprise.

This was absolutely delightful! I’m completely in love with the matter-of-fact, stream-of-consciousness narration, and along with the hilarious internal logic of the world it made reading this just… So fun. I don’t know if I can describe it better than that. I was laughing constantly at the understated interactions with others and the protagonist’s optimistic responses to everything—there’s a sort of Alice in Wonderland, should-be-a-dream-but-isn’t tone to it all.

This is sort of a perfect escapism dream scenario for me, so the fact that everything went so well made it really comforting; I must’ve reread the cuddling descriptions a dozen times. It helps that I’m reading this under a pile of blankets.

Oh, and some of the descriptions were incredibly cute. I had a huge smile on my face imagining a pony rolling around on a sponge—or, for that matter, a pony in a dress shirt.

Overall, one of the sweetest and most fun things I’ve read in ages, and I know I’ll be coming back to this many times to cheer myself up. Thank you 💚

Aww. Thank you! I'm flattered you found it so cozy. It was a pleasure to finally finish this up and release it as well! :twilightsmile: I wanted a wholesome TF palate cleanser. I'm so glad people liked the kind of silly, matter-of-fact humor here.

It’s me again!

I think my favorite thing about this fic is how it’s almost literally as detailed as it could be, but it’s still optimistic and uplifting (not to mention hilarious). Reading it, you constantly wonder if the story will go into some inevitable difficulty or another and worry it’ll ruin things—and then it does go into it, and things turn out okay. I don’t know how intentional it was on your part, but it’s impossible for me to read this and not feel like everything is genuinely fine.

Oh, and, because I think you’d find it funny, I sent an excerpt of the beginning to a friend and it almost made them fall asleep. Another win for cozy ponies everywhere.

I wanted a story that was positive and showed the best of people. My initial prompt was someone goes to work despite becoming a pony. And I like the idea that someone would go into work anyway. The audacity that everything is fine if you play it cool and just keep believing it. So I wanted a feel good story where literally nothing bad happens to this little audacious pony! :twilightsmile: I'm glad it made you feel good too.

Soooo cute~. :pinkiehappy:

“Twenty-five! Just had my birthday actually,” you tell her.

wonder where i've heard this before

i actually quite love that they started out a blank flank and got their cutie mark during the presentation, they really "kicked ass" huh? i wonder why a flower though, cutie marks and their dang broad meanings :twilightsmile:

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