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This story is a sequel to Tempestuous Passion

Tempest feels a little discouraged. Learning the piano is so, so difficult, especially without a horn.

A bit of helpful advice from Octavia changes that.

Edited with TheAncientPolitzanian's help. Thanks a whole lot, again :)

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I liked reading this, and I must say it was a pleasant read to have this late at night. I will sleep soon, but I wanted to say that you wrote this well for such a short story. While I understand this is a sequel, I thought this already was enough to be read on it's own. Thank you for making this. Makes me happy.

Aww, thanks! You've made me happy too with your comment(s). I'm glad this story blessed you.

As someone who also plays the piano this story caught up my attention, definitely an interesting story to read.

I would say that, from what I think, it's way too rushed at the start and several moments could be more focused and stretched out, say Tempest's "interrogation" (this feels for me the most rushed out, could have been made as a dialog imo) or her practise: Don't just tell that she practises this chords over and over, describe the frustration that she feels, how her hooves start to hurt, how the chords still sound badly and how she concentrates over and over again to channel the magic into her hooves etc. (or something like that).

The ending got much better because it got deeper and we have a conversation between these two characters, which didn't happen (so to speak) at the start.

But nonetheless, a nice short story about how music instruments are taking a long time to master or even play and how one needs to keep pushing and continuing to practise further. Of course, the best is if one practises 40 hours a day :trixieshiftleft:

Indeed, 40 hours is the key to success.

Thanks for the tip! I'll try to edit it again :twilightsmile:

oh wow i didnt think youd continue this, this is wonderful tho and interesting to see an explanation of how hooves mashed on keys/strings can work hehe, it was short but sweet thanks for the read! God bless! ^^

I'm glad you enjoyed it! God bless you too :)

You write headcanons and explanations in a way I wish I could have with my critically-panned story.

Anyhow, I love a good music-themed story, and this one certainly fits the bill. Helps that it features Tempest and Octavia, two characters I find fun to explore.

Hey, it's alright! We're all still learning. Practice makes perfect (pun intended).

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