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Princess Amore Dudette

Writing is my passion and hobby. Join me and follow along for whimsical adventures both fun and sad, romantic and dark, and adventurous and quaint if that is your fancy.

About Myself

Hello Everypony! Princess Amore Dudette here. Here are a few details about myself, if you're curious:

I am a 28 year old girl.
I am an engineer.
I have 14 years of writing under my belt.
I love games, anime, cartoons, etc.
I love all genres of music.
I love Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

Fimfiction Service Stats

(Note: All stats are an approximation)

My Stories:

Stories published: 11
Published words: 89,228
Stories completed: 7

February, 2019: 999 words written
January, 2019: 4,598 words written
December, 2018: 882 words written
November, 2018: 633 words written
October, 2018: 0 words written
September, 2018: 0 words written
August, 2018: 24,676 words written
July, 2018: 12,007 words written
June, 2018: 6,336 words written
May, 2018: 9,191 words written

Other Author's Stories:

Stories edited: 4
Words edited: 15,346

Stories reviewed: 78
Words reviewed: 1,244,628

Stories I've critiqued (Most recent first)

1. My Little Twisted Metal


My Hiatus Away From FimFic · 4:37pm Last Tuesday

It took seventeen years, but I finally did it. My depression has been beaten. Here’s my story.

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Latest Stories

Writing Projects

You may join my personal Discord server, https://discord.gg/aepRxQJ, for my writing updates.

Current Stories

A Diamond For Your Trouble
Pandemic: Hope
New Tune
Effigy of a Dragon
DiamondBloom's Hangout Time

Upcoming Stories

New Tune - Rewrite Phase
Felicitous Affairs - Idea Phase

Discontinued Until Further Notice

Order of Harmony: Friendship is Magic

Stories I Have Reviewed

Stories I Have Edited

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What would happen if I randomly booped you? :pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for adding Nightmare and Dragon to your library... I expect to end it by the 31th...


It's no problem. I just really liked your personality. :pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 153 - 157 of 157
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