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If you’re reading this it’s because I ain’t around to keep it hidden. I’m sorry you found this, I’m sorry for a whole heap of things. I’m sorry I didn’t get my cutie mark a year ago with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. I’m sorry I still ain’t gotten it. I’m sorry I’ve been underhoof. I’m sorry I’ve been so contrary. Mostly I’m just sorry for being me. I tried to be good and fit in with everypony else, I even tried to be patient but I guess y’all didn’t see much of that.
I can’t do it anymore. Whatever patience I did have has been used up and I’m just so damn fed up with being a worthless blank flank. Don’t y’all be crying over me I ain’t worth it, never was.

proofread by Jeray2000, cover art by FoxNami, and dramatic reading by creepypastasalad.
Big thanks to everyone who helped out!

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 12 )

Good story, though I have to ask why the orphanage was attending a royal family dinner?

5566550 Maybe it was a different place in that scene? Anyway, great story! So sad, too.

A wonderful little fic. Well done

Whoa! Epic ending to a beautiful and touching fic. :twilightsmile:
I guess you could say this epilogue was the life and death of shipping :trollestia:

This is quite a powerful story. Reading it aloud, as I do, it's hard not to tear up.

My only major complaint is there are a number of typos (of the type spell-check would miss) and odd punctuation choices (e.g. comma where one would put a semicolon or period), starting in the middle. I urge you to go back and reread to find and fix those errors; it'll make this lovely tale five times better.

Story Scout Foals Errand here to award you this for writing a difficult subject matter that allows you to feel what the character feels not just the author's opinion.

This was a very powerful and moving story. 10/10 :heart:

Very sharply done. I am not usually impressed by this sort of story. (If I'm honest I sometimes just skim read them just to see how bad it is.) But if I did not, I would miss the very few genuine gems like this one.

Excellent work.

Just my type of Dark. Plus, it touches perfectly on a harsh subject. Well done indeed.

very well done on a subject that is difficult to speak of.


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