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My name is Arvaus. I do some art and write some stuff, and like Celestia.


Over the course of a single day Lavender Breeze's life was destroyed. Regretting all the things she's lost, she longs for closure.

Then in her darkest moment, she comes face to face with the thing she hates the most, the thing she blames for everything that's happened.

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Damn! So many feels!!


Excellent story and brilliantly told!

Excellent! I would love to see more!

In some ways this was so disturbing, deluding yourself like that just to get closure. There had to have been better ways but I suppose sorrow can do strange things to your head. Also you do realise you just made a mentally unstable pony bury her own father's clone in the middle of a forest? That's kind of creepy.

2811958 I'm certainly not saying this is the best way, or even a good way, to deal with her problems. This is one of those "some things that happened, not for any good reason, but just because they did" stories.

However I do think that, once she had encountered the changeling, this is one of the better ways that event could have turned out.

I saw Changeling and gore and an angry looking pony and thought "This is one of those hate fics like we see with Blueblood, isn't it? :ajbemused: " But I and very happy with what this was. Well written with a grand total of 5-7 typos (which is pretty good for 8000+ words.) and a very interedting story I general. Well done, good sir!


The happiest ending you could get, given the circumstances.

2812194 Sorry, this is a one-shot. If I'm honest, I don't really have anything more to say for Lavender. She is assumed to lead a comfortable, if slightly troubled, life after this, but I don't feel there's a great story to tell in it.

If anyone here is a monster, it's Lavender.

I clicked the Like button... because I can see this happening.
:fluttercry: to both. Lavender for not being with her father when he died, and Corascha for being alone and dying after trying to save his people.

2813632 I see it more along the lines of saying that neither is a monster, but both are capable of terrible things if pushed. That's probably the closest this story comes to having a moral.


It's just...friggin...dang ol'....intolerant bastards man... [/boomhauer]

This made me cry. I love you for that dude. :fluttercry::heart:

Can't really relate seeing as how I think the only people who will show up to my funeral are the people who are supposed to bury me.

But the story was well written and it was an interesting take on a changeling experience.

Thanks for the read, it was... well, dark, but that's ok.

I... don't have that game... What about Skyrim!? Wait...

Feels, man.

Thumbs up for moral ambiguity! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiesad2:

There is a reason that there isn't a single downvote there.

This is just so... :fluttercry:
... the tears... They're flowing.

Well played, Arvaus. :fluttershysad: Well played.

Man, Lavender really ticked me off
She kicks him around, says it's his fault, even though he warned her not to come,
THEN proceeds to piss on him, his proud name, his family, his culture and his race, oh and his language too.
All the while calling him a monster for doing his duty, trying to help his friends, family and species survive, due the kind of bigotry she's showing him as they speak!
She then has the nerve to tell him he's a bad person and the only way to redeem himself for something that had nothing to do with him was to use the last of his energy to help her feel better. (Which he is kind enough to do)

I genuinely felt bad for Corascha and hoped he would live.
While i can't really say the same for Lavender, I hoped she would stop being a ignorant, bigoted, self-absorbed, hypocritical, monster for a second and would at least try to help him, or try to be nice to him before he died. (jeez.)
It's a very good story, even though by the end she showed no remorse, mercy or compassion for him and still had the same bigoted view she had from the start (Ex."That small act was possibly the kindest thing he had ever done in his life.")
Anyhoo, nice story, I really liked it! Gudjab!

Comment posted by CWi deleted April 6th

This is one of those stories where, after reading it, one might say: "Well, it's not like we haven't seen this before..."

To which I would reply: "Yeah, but at least it's done right."

Excellent job! :raritywink:

2815878 I completely agree. This was an odd story to write, as I knew exactly what needed to happen but sort of didn't want it to.

I will say this, though, sort of in her defence. The reason why she reacts so coldly to him is in part a result of circumstance. She would undoubtedly have been more sympathetic if they had met on a better day and he hadn't looked like her father.

I didn't give any indication of this in the story as it's written from her POV, and she is projecting a lot of hurt and blame onto him right now so just can't find space to think anything nice. There is the odd occasion where she tries to, but just confuses herself as a result.


Oh, yes, the proud, noble people who have just done their level best to eat you. And the entire city. Possibly the entire nation. Perfect targets for compassion, there.

"But it's not really eating you, just enslaving you and draining your emotions from you for food!"

Oh, well never mind then, that makes it all better. Right?


Expecting a great deal of sympathy from one of their most recent victims is kinda ridiculous. Especially when her only knowledge of them is how they just tried to subject the entire city to a fate worse than death. Honestly, I was surprised that she showed even as much as she did.

Very good story with 2 well thought-out and well written characters. Really can't find any criticism to give you, it was that good.

That was a wonderful story. I would have liked it to be longer so that she would have made more realizations about herself and what she really felt.

"I regret that we meet in this way. You and I are of a kind. In a different reality, I could have called you friend," and as the last part of his duty, he sets the Romulan ship to self-destruct.

This story reminds me of Balance of Terror the Star Trek Episode.

It is so very rare I see a grimdark story put so much attention into the characterization. It uses some of the darker changeling tropes to excellent effect. the timing is just right as well. Had she come upon the changeling later, her mood might have mellowed quite a bit more. The setting and timeline are perfect for the confrontation.

What's even sadder is to realize that the Changelings were once the lovely but immesurably vain Flutterponies who gave in to despair when Flutter Valley was frozen by the windigoes. In their desperation, Discord came unto their queen Lacewing and offered her a way to survive, and to have revenge on the pony tribes whose civil war had ruined their home... for a price.

Discord's magic can only be dispelled by the Elements so long as it isn't willingly accepted.

And yes, this is part of a massive epic story I've been outlining for the last 6 months. :raritywink:

2816650 *Changeling temptation* Buuuuuuut, it feels like super-sexy times while we're draining you ponies! It's like the hottest romp with Molestia you can imagine x 100! Like one never-ending orgasm! .... Well, until you're sucked dry and die, that is."

One pony raises a hoof, "But until the dying part, it's the best sex ever?"

Changlings nods, "Eyup"

Ponies line up by the thousands to volunteer.

Changelings are like, "Jeez, and we always thought furries were the crazy sex fiends!"


2817264 DISCLAIMER: I have my own origin story worked out for the changelings in this tale. See my blog.

2817318 I'll take a guess... they evolved from horse flies? :trollestia:

2817318 Going into that level of background is the sign of a very competent writer. The very best short story writers always have far more of the world figured out in their mind than ever ends up on paper.

That's why any famous writer's short stories feel so genuine even when the events are outlandish; all the tidbits are in the right places, they know how their world works within the story's framework.

Such is the case with a personal favorite of mine, "Harrison Bergeron". It is a strange and surreal future, yet it feels disturbingly genuine. On the cusp of reality, we know the bounds some will go to to cement control; and so we are led to find plausible the forced mediocrity of "Harrison"'s world by an exaggerated extension of very realistic concepts.

I has a sad now. I has several of them. D: But is good, well written story. Take my upvote.

... This fanfic... made me think... Goddammit. :fluttercry:

Yeah but only the title makes me feel "moved":derpytongue2:

Comment posted by firestripe deleted Jul 4th, 2013

really thought provoking story, liked that lavender's flowers didnt turn into some deus ex machina to heal him then she'd nurse him then pff's forever,
they knew he was dying and she finished him thats a first, it seems like.


No, its not the best possible ending, but the best one would really piss people off, so I'd say maybe the best bittersweet one?:trixieshiftright:


I know that feel bro :ajsleepy:

wait :rainbowderp:


Hey haven't seen you in a stroy in a while Al, and hey, you aren't crazy this time :pinkiecrazy:


dammit alondro :ajbemused:

2819345 I am always crazy, even when I don't appear to be. :pinkiecrazy:


THAT ALONDRO IS A SPY! (or a pyro:pinkiecrazy:)

This story was really good and emotional:pinkiesad2: And was I the only one to mistake the title "Lives' End", with "Liver's End":unsuresweetie:....no one?

This made me tear up a bit, or maybe that's just the chlorine in my eyes from opening my eyes underwater in the pool all day. Still, it was an amazing fiction and I hope can't wait for more :pinkiehappy:

That was amazing. There were so many good things about it that I don't know how to describe it properly.

Holy moly, dem feels.

Try listening to this at the time.

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