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Hello my friend. It's good to see you. Come in, come in, sit and let us chat. Time for me is very short and there is something I must confess. Sit and listen, one final tale before I depart the world; a tale of revenge.

((Cover art done by xXMarkingXx

Now with two audio readings by CreepyPastaSalad & Akash Thereader))

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5572636 of course you did.

a very good adaption of " a cask of amontillado" well done.

Glad I saw the picture, I recognized it immediately as an homage to Poe's cask of amontillado. Thanks for this adaptation.

Nice! A good homage to the original.

Author Interviewer

Really, it's too close to the original. Knowing that story, there was no suspense here. Plus you left out a lot of the symbolism while not trying to integrate the story into the MLP setting. At least it's a little more believable with these characters than with some I've read.

5976743 I admit it's not a perfect adaptation but what is? Your criticism is noted

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