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A Canterlot matron has been left widowed by a rampant criminal. She ventures on a quest to regain her honor, and to bring her tormentor to justice.

A spin-off sequel and homage to My Final Confession by the illustrious jmj, titan of MLP horror. Written in collaboration with jmj. Set in the jmj-verse. Seriously folks, read his stories.

Now with audio reading, performed by TheDizzyDan!
Artwork courtesy of RoseGold


-Reading the original story would be beneficial to understanding this one, although it isn't necessary. But you should totally read the original regardless.
-This story is derived from the sacred foundation of the MLP fandom, Cupcakes. If you dislike the Cupcakes literary genre, chances are you won't enjoy the story.
-Please take note of the tags.

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Comments ( 9 )
jmj #1 · Aug 6th, 2016 · · ·

This story is awesome. It's dark, ambiguous, and keep you guessing at what might be happening. The ending is the very best kind for a horror story: it leaves you second guessing. You are uncertain if what you think happened is what really happened. I'm pretty sure I have it figured out but I kind of hope I'm wrong too.


P.S.-- You liar. I wrote like 400 words. You wrote this story. I couldn't pull this off.


Couldn't have done it without you, boss :pinkiehappy:

I love this type of writing, though I am a mite confused by the end.


Glad you enjoyed it! The ending was intentionally left ambiguous to allow for interpretation, so no mark against you for wondering. Listening to the audio reading, if you haven't already, might offer a direction as to what's going on. Feel free to PM me too if you want to discuss it! :pinkiesmile:

I am writing in regard to the unfortunate matter that concerns us both. As you are well aware, your father, in preparation for his noble effort to ferret out the vile Fiend of the Everfree, made known his wishes should he meet with a bad end destiny. It will console you to learn that the sum of 5,000 bits and one 5 carat ruby has been transferred to your Manehattan petty cash vault. An additional 500, the china heirloom set you fancied, and three autographed copies of Immortal Incest: The Secret Trysts of Celestia and Luna have been sent to the above address by standard post, due to arrive in four business days. As I deem this transaction settled, I will consider further inquiries to be an invasion of privacy and will respond with legal action. Should your sisters contact you challenging your portion of the estate, refer them to your solicitor as you see fit. Identical missives will be sent to them presently.

So this guy, good ol' Future Perfect, was writing slander about the princesses and publishing rumors about them as well as thinking interviewing a serial killer alone was a good idea?


Yup, pretty much. Had a penchant for going after (or inventing) jaw droppers. Also had an ego that could push a pony right out the door. :pinkiesmile:

Certainly, but he was able to get away with publishing something of that nature nearly or completely unscathed?


I like to think he was well-connected and a popular public figure, so it would look suspicious if he were ever to meet with an untimely demise. One could argue, of course, that the ponies he defamed have the ability to make any misfortune seem coincidental, but they would likely take the approach of taking the high road and passing it off as rumor-mongering.

I suppose that’s an explanation. To have the gall to anger goddesses though!

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