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My name is Arvaus. I do some art and write some stuff, and like Celestia.

Stuff that I wrote

  • T Stargate - Rise of the Sun God

    Trapped on an long-dead world, the ponies of SG-1 find themselves fighting for their lives against an ancient evil. They must team up with some unlikely allies if they are to survive and save the galaxy from destruction.  · Arvaus
    82,584 words · 931 views  ·  71  ·  3
  • T Lives' End

    Lavender Breeze has lost everything, but an encounter with the thing she hates the most may give her the chance to claim something back.  · Arvaus
    8,670 words · 3,741 views  ·  427  ·  8 · gore
  • T The Seventh

    An impossible creature finds herself in a world which already knows everything about her. Slowly, she learns about the true nature of her own reality, her world's place in the cosmos, and herself.  · Arvaus
    54,588 words · 3,172 views  ·  302  ·  9
  • T The Codex: A Sister's Burden

    For thousands of years, Celestia has battled against destiny to protect Equestria, and to save her beloved sister from her fate. But she can only delay the inevitable in a world set on tearing her life apart.  · Arvaus
    56,188 words · 585 views  ·  24  ·  0

Well, now that The Seventh is finally finished, I am sure at least some of you are wondering if there will be a sequel. Certainly return visits are very much a possibility as the ending stands. Well, good news! I have already begun plans for a follow-up story, to be published later this year, and I think you are all going to like it!

I don't want to give too much, but basically it'll centre around the obvious unresolved romantic tension that was building been Celestia and Aaron in the first story. He realises after a few months how much he misses her, and knowing that he'd never have the ability to travel to Equestria on his own, he starts writing dozens of self-insert shipfics in the hope of influencing the Equestria continuity in order to make Celestia come back through of her own accord.

The almost-obsessive extent to which he tries pushing this headcanon results in Aaron to becoming somewhat alienated from the brony community, but this turns out to be the least of his problems; all of the fics he wrote end up spawning their own independent realities, and his home is suddenly flooded by scores of different Celestias all crossing over in an attempt to find Aaron, and competing with each other to try and win his affections exclusively for themselves.

The scale of this incursion is far too great to be kept secret this time, and soon thousands of people flock to the area to witness the event. Before long Aaron is forced to enter into an alliance with some of the more level-headed Celestias as he finds himself in the midst of a conflict on numerous fronts, protecting his hometown from the rapidly escalating magical war between the most fanatical Celestias and the pony supporters that they bring through the portals to aid them, protecting all of the Celestias from both the advances of a number of bronies trying to claim a princess of their own and the world's militaries attempts to capture one for study, and thwarting the attempts by one especially organised faction of bronies trying to take a Celestia hostage to use her as leverage to gain passage to Equestria.

As the battle rages, the tension created by the many inter-universal incursions strains the boundaries between reality and fiction almost to breaking point, and characters from works across all genres find themselves drawn into the fray. As the land becomes filled with dashing knights, magical Japanese schoolgirls and marauding vikings, and the sky hosts battles between starfighters, broomstick-riding witches and fire-breathing dragons (in the words of one bystander: "It's like the whole world's turned into Comic Con!") and the protagonists of the different realms all begin raising armies in an attempt to claim the title of 'most real', all hope of the world ever returning to normal seems lost, until at long last the original Celestia arrives from her own continuity to stop the madness once and for all.

First she returns to the stream she had spent much of her first visit by and retrieves the zeroth Element of Harmony, an ancient artefact she had secretly left in Chestnut's custody in case of disasters such as this one. Then she rallies around her the most potent magic users from all stories, including Gandalf, Queen Elsa, Dumbledore, Holly Short and River Tam, and together they commandeer the TARDIS and fly to the moon to tap into the remnant of Celestia's magic which remains there and use its now vastly extended echo around the planet to restrain and heal the damage which had been done to the multiverse, forcing all the displaced characters back to their own worlds and sealing the rifts.

Eventually only the original Celestia remains. Amid the smoking ruins of what was once the university, she goes to Aaron and he explains what happened. Together they destroy all copies of his fanfics, and Aaron promises he'll never try anything like that again, but before she leaves he breaks down and asks her if there was any hope of a relationship between them. She gives him a sad look, and tells him that, unfortunately, nothing could ever happen between the two of them because her feelings lay, as they always had, solely with Big Mac. Aaron, disappointed but not overly surprised, turns down Celestia's invitation to the wedding, and the two of them part company one last time.

Aaron heads home, exhausted, and feeling like he's learned a valuable lesson about friendship. But as he gets ready for bed that evening he fails to notice the small, purring ball of fur hiding in the pile of clothes under his bed…

A Plot Hole in the Heart, coming soon.

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Lives End was amazing. It was very brave of you to not give it a happy ending, to not have her try to save him. It made me cry, but both of the characters acted quite honorably by the end of the story. I also find the headcan on you came up with that you described in your blog very fascinating. This definitely gets a favorite. Keep writing pony!

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>>414415 I didn't look at your bio, unfortunately. I tend to look at what sort of stories and things like that a person has on their page first as it gives me a better idea of their reading/writing tendencies. Sorry for the oversight.

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Did you even bother to read my page before you posted on it?

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Thank you.

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