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This story is a sequel to Abandoned by Pinkie

Note: It is strongly suggested that you read my fic Abandoned by Pinkie before reading this story.

Caramel has decided to investigate the rumor of some episodes belonging to the show The World of Pinkie, by the Cheesy Pie Corporation that seem to be rather controversial.

Did the company actually make them or is something darker responsible for these videos? Sometimes things are best left... hidden.


This story while taking place in the Abandoned by Pinkie universe is also very loosely inspired by the following creepypastas:

-Squidward's Suicide
-Max and Ruby 0004
-Candle Cove

And SCP-993.

Constructive Feedback, Editing and Proofreading:
-Thunderbolt Sentinel

You both are awesome! :raritywink:

This story also features Thunderbolt Sentinel's OC: Shifting Winds.

I made the image using GIMP.

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:yay: Squidwarrrrrd is my best friend in the woooorrrrllld!
:pinkiecrazy: What's that, Danny Boy?
:applejackconfused: Er, um. Pinkie Piiiie is best pony in the woooorrrllld!
:pinkiecrazy: Oh! :pinkiesmile: That's what you sang.

6329749 Thank you I am glad you like it. :pinkiecrazy:

6329687 lol.:rainbowlaugh: Hey thanks again for the help you gave me for this story. :pinkiesmile:

6329759 You're certainly welcome, Robipony.

I am imagining what were the images on the 10th episode are like.

6330422 Yes... :pinkiecrazy: Let those images haunted your dreams. :pinkiecrazy:


Nah, it's not really scaring me.

I'm actually imagining Pinkie using a butcher knife to decapitate a head in one hit.

While you hear all the loud screeches of the bones slicing in half.

Um... [story response not found wait never mind] that last one was scarier than Mr Popo.

6330528 This entire story was deranged...GREAT JOB BRO!!!! ( though, if I may make a suggestion...how about another sequel, yet involving haunted CheesePie's line of video games being "corrupted". PM me if you think this sounds remotely interesting.):pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

6331830 Mr. Popo? Who is that?

6397505 Well, I have been working on a story that is supposed to be a crossover with the Abandoned by Disney sequel, Room Zero. It is just that a lot of ideas for that story have changed.

6399146 Scariest character from DragonBall Z abridged ever.

Also whenever I think of the name of Pinkie's show, I think of the Slinky song.

Jeez, this was unsettling. And I have wild and horrific imaginations on what the tenth episode actually is *shivers*

Nicely well written.

7451409 You want to know what the worse part is... I am actually thinking of having the next installment in the Abandoned by Pinkie universe be the sequel to this story. Perhaps we will finally see what happens in episode 10... or perhaps not. Well see what happens when we cross that bridge. :twilightsmile:

7451617 oh please do, I can't wait for more.

... Well then. I'm glad it's still many hours before I need to go to bed.

This actually really creeped me out :rainbowderp:

10730112 Then I accomplished my original goal. :pinkiesmile:

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