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This story is a sequel to The Apple left behind

After seeing the Apple family farm fall apart Filthy Rich decides to lend a helping hoof to the last surviving member of the Apple family; Applejack so she can restore the farm and the creation of Zap Apple Jam can resume. However little does he know she has other plans for his money.

-This story was proofread by: 0_0
-The image belongs to AnAppleForgotten. Check out her deviant art page.
-Once again this part of an art trade I did for AnAppleForgotten and is a continuation of the previous story I wrote for her.
-I would like to say there will be more parts in the future but as of now I am really tired and I have LOTS of other projects I need to finish so it may be a while until the next part comes out.

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Do you think that this story would make it onto Equestria Daily?

5506086 Do not fear. There shall be more. It is just that right now I am taking a break from it so I can finish up some youtube readings and put some more work into my Smiling Stallion story.


Oh, I see. Alright then. :twilightsheepish:

Again, nice work. I think I'm starting to love Apple Jack almost as much as I love Rainbow Dash, almost.

5751715 Do you mean like in the show or compared to the creepypasta version of Rainbow Dash? :rainbowderp:

four? that scarecrow tells ...well insane applejack that four pony saw where the barn was burned.

at same time after those events rainbow dash with wonderbolt, fluttershy busy with animals, rairty in manehatten and pinkie pie? well never mention
hmmm are they do it or the other pony did it where applejack killed them?

5852347 Alright... you text is a bit confusing but from what I can understand you think that perhaps it is Applejack's friends who are responsible. Is that right? :rainbowderp:

5853435 maybe or just maybe not

i just dunno soo far im eager to know who did it

5853557 Well, it is a work in progress. However I wasn't thinking about having her friends be the ones responsible... that could be interesting. :pinkiecrazy:

5853646 ahhh i see well whoever was im sure theres a suprise twist who may actually did it

Wouldn't mind knowing exactly who was responsible for setting their barn ablaze and murdering her family.

7323043 That will probably be revealed in a later part. However, it may be a while since the person who originally requested the story from me has yet to get back to me on the next part. :ajsleepy:

7324419 Think you might have too take over?

7326032 Don't know? I might give her a bit more time, after all she is the one who made the cover art for the stories too.

7327145 Yeah but I really want to see the end though and who would be spiteful enough to actually kill Applebloom and Big Mac like that.

Okay, this was very good and AJ?


Scribbles note on paper using mouth, holds it up with hoof

What is it?

A clue, this is a name of a very good doctor, he's a shrink. Talk to him sugar cube.

I'm loving crazy AJ!

7331988 Well, part 3 is out if you want to see it.

8730695 I love crazy AJ too. Yeah, she could really use a doctor.

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