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After Lord Tirek was conquered, Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich join forces to create the Cheesy Pie Corporation and started creating theme parks around Equestria. At one point Pinkie Pie had the idea of sharing the fun with the Zebra nation and a park was made in the Zebra country, only to be abandoned later.

Now Neon Lights has decided to investigate the ruined park, to learn the reason behind the parks closure.

However, the stallion will soon learn that some things are best left... Abandoned.

This story is based off the creepypasta: Abandoned by Disney. After all it is a crossover. :twilightsmile:

The story was edited by: Pon de Don

With further proofreading by: Gadgetphile

The image was made using GIMP.

You can check out my Abandoned by Pinkie artwork: Here.

Now you can find a Youtube Reading of this story: Here.

There is also an Abandoned by Pinkie Tumblr page, which may or may not be expanded upon depending how popular it becomes. Tumblr: Here.

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. After Lord Tirek was conquered


Gonna read dis soon.

There are some grammatical errors. Do another sweep and stuff. Theres a problem with past/present tenses.

Good story though. One question. Neon Lights is a unicorn right? Or not?

I liked this. :heart:

5656857 Well, if you have the time to send me a PM showing me these issues I would be more then happy to see it. :pinkiehappy:

5656901 Thank you. I am glad you like it. :scootangel:

Decent adaptation.

This was almost identical to the crepypasta it came from!:pinkiehappy:

5659874 Thank you I am glad you like it.

5659877 You are totally welcome.

Did she build her theme part on a 'Zebrafican' burial ground? Just asking, haven't read this yet.

Those burial grounds make some crazy poltergeists I tell ya...

5659944 Not entirely certain. Some ritual sites used by zebra witch doctors may have been disturbed.

I did make one quick change to the story but it is kind of a spoiler so if you haven't already read the story please DON'T look at this spoiler.

When the photo-negative Pinkie mascot pulls off her head confetti is intermingled with her pink blood.

Might of just been me... but I would of gave the Fluttershy mascot a hug before leaving.

5664654 I am not sure that would be wise. These strange mascots appear to be very dangerous.


Dangerously cute.

But yeah...


*Proceeds to cower in the corner*

5671158 I guess this means you enjoyed the story.

5671171 Why, yes, good sir. I did indeed. :moustache: (That's gotta be like the first time I've ever used that emoticon.)

5671171 Only error I could find:

However I can’t shake this feeling that I am tainted somehow. Even now in the safety of this plane, I have the strangest feeling that I am -->being watching.<-- That perhaps not all the ponies on this plane are really ponies.

Did you mean being watched?
Other than than that, perfect sequencing of events.
However, this story is lacking detail.
More detail about certain things would have really added a jolt to this story.
I rate this story an B+, could use some extra details, one spelling mistake (I think).

5671444 Well, thank you for the help. :twilightsmile:

I thought I had added in a good amount of details but if you have any suggestions of areas where more details would be useful feel free to send me a PM.

I smell the potential for a sequel here.

5674827 Well, the author of the original creepypasta (which this story is based off of) did write a sequel so yes, there could be a sequel. :pinkiehappy:

SERIOUSLY? I'm watching this in the dark, at night and I'm still not scared.

5732434 Well, do keep in mind that this is a crossover of a story you have probably already read. Not to mention that Abandoned by Disney (the creepypasta this is based off of) was set in the "real" world, while my story takes place in Equestria.

Actually, I haven't read the original story. Also, sorry for that comment, I was just hoping for more of a jump scare to wake me up.

It actually was a good story. Could I get your permission to make a sequel of it? I have a story in my head that branches off from this.

or at least can come after it.

5735911 Well, to be honest I have kind already been working on a sequel. :twilightsheepish:

Now if you want to write a story based in the same universe I have no problem with that as long as:
1. You read the original creepypasta first (seriously it is a really good creepypasta).
2. Just put a link to this story in the description.

The main reason for number one was because you are actually not the first person to ask me this. Another person did and I gave them permission to write a story in the same universe. However it seems they were not very familiar with the original source material and decided to run in a direction that had little to do with the original story (when I say little I mean the only connection was the location besides that there was nothing in common). :ajsleepy:

OK, (disappointed tones) but I'm still gong to splice in some of my original ideas.

OK, it might not have been scary before before, but now you're messing with my future visions. (STOP MESSING WITH MY FUTURE VISIONS!!!!!) Now every time I have one, the Pinky animatronic is right in front of me. Do you know how to fix it? if you do, please tell me.

This is what I see only with no eyes. :pinkiecrazy:

5736137 Future visions? :derpyderp2:

Yep. I can also see ghosts full time. (this is not a joke)

PS if you re asking what future visions are, they are what will most likely happen.

That's right. I can see the future.

5736162 Well, all I can say is that if you see Pinkamena in your future you have serious problems.

5736137 It is actually not an animatronic but a mascot. An animatronic is a computer operated mascot, while a mascot is merely a suit (the scare factor has been doubled).

ha ha ha, but seriously, you've never dealt with stuff like this before?

Hey, can you send me a link to the sequel of the original story? pleeeeeeeeease.:raritystarry:

5759281 Sure I can but you know there is actually a pretty good reading of it on Youtube. Would you like that?

sure, what's it called?

5759469 Room Zero. It is a pretty good story and kind of follows up where AbP left off. I will PM you the link to the video.

Thanks. Also, would you read my stories after I'm done with them? or I could give you the password and you could look at it now.

5763489 Sure I will read it. Send me a PM when you are done okay. :pinkiehappy:

5765101 OK cool. I'm hopefully going to be able to finish it soon. I've just had some...complications, with the story line and the writing guide.

As a semi-Creepypasta fan, I like this. :pinkiehappy: Identical to the original story and is definitely pretty, you know, creepy. :pinkiecrazy:

5985488 Well, thank you. I am glad you like it.

Finally! Someone else who uses GIMP! And it looks pretty darn good, too!

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