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Entries of Maud Pie's diary about a new, growing interest of hers. New friends for Boulder. 🙂

Short one shot semi-grimdark.

Now with a reading by CreepyPastaSalad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QRI0WKvn_4

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Comments ( 15 )

At first, I was afraid to read this. Then...

That was a bit chilling, a bit haunting, and surprisingly beautiful to read. Short, simple, yet deep and complex. Good heckin' job, man.

Amazing. Beautiful. Chilling. Deep. I absolutely love this little story.

Yoooooooooooooo! I enjoyed every bit of this.

Didn’t really expect this this to be something I would remember, or that would have an impact on me. But after reading this, damn. This was really good.

The cockatrice that I came to Ponyville for was working perfectly, but the biggest challenge was right in front of me. But my studies were complete. I just needed to break her concentration and keep her in a daze. When she’s hurt, it seems, her Stare isn’t quite as effective. Boulder helped. He hit her right in the left eye. He always did have good aim. She never did a very good job taking care of him, and I think he resented that.

That disgusting bastard. NO ONE DOES THAT TO FLUTTERSHY!!!!!!:flutterrage:

Did you just call Boulder... a bastard?

were the heat and pressure married?

And not a word wasted. Short and to the point, I liked it.

Well that was pant fudging, thanks for the Nightmare fuel.

Seriously, this was great!

Pretty dark, but also has that sort of chillingly morbid concept that really makes it a true horror story...

Maud should have earned Discord's ire after she got Fluttershy. Where was he?

Author Interviewer

I like how, after what happened to Mudbriar in that one season nine episode, this seems considerably more plausible. XD

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