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Oh pigeons!
While Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, and Rainbow Dash are dreaming, they are called to a Friendship problem in Fillydelphia. Each are confused and convinced of different problems and solutions. But Rainbow Dash has an unexpectedly, unwelcome reunion.

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Welcome to my blog, Dates and Nuts, where I, “Ardatess” (silence s, thank you), bring you the inside scoop of various mares across Equestria in the art of dating. The pones you are about to read upon are very real; several you might’ve even heard of and dream and fantasize about how wonderful your life would be with them.

Well dream no more! While nopony knows my real identity yet, no thanks my special talents if I do say so myself (despite my list of enemies having grown to be rather substantial, hello haters!), I assure you this string of dating really did happen, and my experiences probably not what you expected.

So let’s get on to it!

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She could only kick so many. Ponies they were. Used to be. Now, they just moaned, growled, and hissed as mind-numbed monsters.

After venturing into zombie-infested Ponyville for some important supplies, Derpy and the Doctor return to his lab. It's a race against time as he tries to find a way to deliver a cure on an epic scale, and Derpy, recently infected, is trapped in with him.

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Entries of Maud Pie's diary about a new, growing interest of hers. New friends for Boulder. 🙂

Short one shot semi-grimdark.

Now with a reading by CreepyPastaSalad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QRI0WKvn_4

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“Weapons of untold power. The might of an Alicorn—concentrated into a single squad of ponies. Look at our glory, brother! Your inventions put to mass production, with my leadership and bold tenacity. Together, we will push Equestria into new heights of prowess!”

Through a sudden surge in technical inventions stemming from the ability to hold and store magical energy, the ponies of Equestria find themselves no longer dependent on the princesses to rule and protect them. The Canterlot Observatory houses the ability to raise the sun and moon, and new weaponry has given the ponies the strength needed to take matters into their own hooves.

The age of "might makes right" is now an old shadow of the setting sun. And with their reign coming to a close, the princesses must make a wise decision fast as their enemies close in. With the political pressure on them, the fellowship of Twilight's friends is breaking, and it could be that a Sonic Rainboom that tied them together in the beginning will now be a signal for the end.

This is the prequel to the unfolding events of the three-part story series Princess.

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When Discord submits a formal complaint to the Equestrian Postal Service, he says if the next mail delivery doesn't arrive in a timely fashion, he will plant a baby chaos monster in all the mail and packages delivered throughout Equestria!

It's up to Gabby and Derpy to try and save Equestria's only mailing service. Will they make it? Will they make it BACK? Will a giant purple monster take them away and keep them there... forever?

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In the city of Snowfall Frost, this Hearth's Warming Eve has another story.

Imagine, if you will, a match flame. Scratch!

Such a warm, bright little thing. So filled with joyous, promising hope as its dance reflects in your eyes. A delicate wonder, flitting and shivering in the cold wind, struggling to cling to its thin post. Easily taken for granted—easily forgotten. Well, that is what this story is about. You can find such a little flame on the busy street corners of an old town in Equestria. This little flame is the little match mare.

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