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Mark Young

Chopsticks, rice pone.


Welcome to my blog, Dates and Nuts, where I, “Ardatess” (silence s, thank you), bring you the inside scoop of various mares across Equestria in the art of dating. The pones you are about to read upon are very real; several you might’ve even heard of and dream and fantasize about how wonderful your life would be with them.

Well dream no more! While nopony knows my real identity yet, no thanks my special talents if I do say so myself (despite my list of enemies having grown to be rather substantial, hello haters!), I assure you this string of dating really did happen, and my experiences probably not what you expected.

So let’s get on to it!

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Comments ( 7 )


Oh boy, this guy knows how to be sure to know he notice or found out by the M6.

We need more information... about these famous mares and if there is a chance to date them

“Ardatess” (silence s, thank you),

Are you talking about one or both s's?

How about you do a Chapter on Saffron Masala Octavia Melody, Nurse Redheart, or Autumn Blaze? :twilightblush:

Autumn Blaze might be a stretch and I didn't originally plan on Saffron (totally doable though), but Octy and Redheart are already on the list.

How is Autumn Blaze a stretch? :rainbowhuh: Applejack could just say "Ah have a friend that lives far away from Ponyville" and lead him to the Kirin Village. :twilightsmile:


Oh so your not just doing the M6?

If so, do all mares :twilightblush:

After the M6, the Pie Sisters are next. After that it's up in the air. But Derpy, Berry Punch, Starlight, Stellar Flare, Yona, Colgate Minuette, Princess Luna, etc. those are all planned for.

Autumn Blaze lives in an isolated village very far away from pony civilization that nopony really knew about until the Friendship mission. By the time Ardatess is done dating the M6, they'll all suspect he was a phony, and it would be hard to believe that AJ would simply take him all the way to the mountain depths to date Autumn Blaze.

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