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Mark Young

Chopsticks, rice pone.


When Discord submits a formal complaint to the Equestrian Postal Service, he says if the next mail delivery doesn't arrive in a timely fashion, he will plant a baby chaos monster in all the mail and packages delivered throughout Equestria!

It's up to Gabby and Derpy to try and save Equestria's only mailing service. Will they make it? Will they make it BACK? Will a giant purple monster take them away and keep them there... forever?

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Ha. That was an amusing read through. Gabby seems a little bit jaded about not getting her Cutie Mark though, with her couple of mentions about "I could have gotten a Cutie Mark in X!" The mail ponies seem determined to not lose Derpy since she bakes good muffins, but alas, ensuring a timely delivery to everypony, even Discord, is more important than good muffins.

What a delightful ending, too, with the reveal of the letter.

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