In Canterlot a disgraced detective follows what few leads he manages to get, in hopes of solving the mystery surrounding a grave robbery. With each step along the way he must face not just the challenges of tracking down answers, but the challenges of facing a past that he refuses to deal with.

Teen rating for profanity, and some violence.

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These stories are based on events that have happen either to me, or others I know. Each one can be short or long and are recollections from what happened early on in our lives, and yes it will be in pony form.

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A little over a thousand years ago Greymane had gone off in search of a group his predecessors had often taken notice of, during their time they stated that though the group known as The Order of Balance was one that should be watched carefully. Though they had shown promise of being potentially great allies they also stood the chance of corruption. The group had first been spotted by the 45th Greymane and had been under careful watch since.

Feeling that the past five generations of Greymanes had not reported this group going beyond their normal questionable motives. The current Greymane felt that it would be best to engage them and see their strengths and faults, all with the highest of hopes he would have allies he could turn to in the darkest of times. As Greymane and Sabien meet for the first time causing a seemingly endless downward spiral, for both Greymane and The Order of Balance.

Note: This is a side story to Memoirs of a Thief that helps to explain a set of events that are left out of the initial story.

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When the legendary thief vanished from the world, many of its leaders who believed he was real waited to see if and when Greymane would come out of hiding...or if he was truly just a myth. For many of them that's all he was, a myth, or a story meant to tell young ponies to keep their imagination alive. The real question, though, the one that begs answering, is this: What do you believe?

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