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  • 135 weeks
    It's that day again.

    For those celebrating the day, hope you have a wonderful valentines day.

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  • 164 weeks

    Comming this Wednesday I will be gone for two weeks to aid my great grandparents. If I am writing a story for you, and I have agreed to do any editing for you. That will be put on hold till I return.

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  • 170 weeks
    Requests closed

    As the title says, the time to request has come to an end. Though I should have posted this sooner. All slots have been filled, all notes have been taken down, and I will get to all requests as soon as I can. When I start working on your story you will know it, as I will send a private message with the segment I have covered.

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  • 171 weeks
    Radiation Treatment

    For those of you whom I've taken story requests from, this is important to all of you. My great grandmother started Radiation Treatment this week for a bit of cancer that started to grow on her nose, at the moment the treatment isn't affecting her and the doctors don't believe that it will. However, in the event that it does start to affect her in some way. I may end up staying with my great

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  • 176 weeks

    If I have already accepted a request from you, but you have not gotten it. Please send me a private message with the details of what you wanted, so I can list out who wanted what.

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It's that day again. · 10:56am Feb 14th, 2019

For those celebrating the day, hope you have a wonderful valentines day.

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Comments ( 11 )

I extend mine hope thy day is wondrous regardless to celebration or the lack thereof.

Well, I can only hope you do too, anyhow, have a wonderfull day as well:twilightsmile:

I thank you both for the kind wishes, though I'll say it now. I don't celebrate this Holiday because I lack any reason to do so.

The reasons can come and go, but that doth not mean thy days shall be less bright :raritywink:

How about you don't have to pay douple or trice as much for choclade and roses today:pinkiehappy: Also you have no stress to do preperations and stuff:raritywink:

Just enjoy the day and be happy to be alive!:yay:

Not what I meant, I've never had a reason to celebrate it. And even if I did I know where to get all of that at regular or cheaper prices.

Now I have to ponder if you're controlling the weather where I am. They said cloudy and cold today, and right now it's sunny and 70 degrees.

*giggles ruffianly and nudges Dashie* We have no idea what thou art talking about...

The weather where I am is a pain in its own with its tri-polar personality.

Well, that's last sudden change was hopefully beneficial anyway *Fair Celestia WHEN doth FimFiction get at least one Luna emoticon?!!*

It was kind of nice out today, and yes this site needs an emoji of Luna.

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