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Spike sets out on a heroic quest, taking him far away from home to brave the dangers of... the Manehattan Comic-Con! He's got a lot of high hopes for his convention experience, but when things don't all go according to plan, it might take a few new friends to remind him of just why he liked superheroes to begin with.

References the Friends Forever #14 comic (Luna and Spike), but it's not necessary to have read it.

Finalist in the April Writeoff, "Great Expectations".

Vector art by nero-narmaril.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 44 )

This is a sweet little story. I like how you don't feel the need to spell everything out for Spike (and the reader).:moustache:

Very nice story! :moustache:

Really nice story I could almost see this being an episode of the show :moustache:

Loved this story in the Write-off. Has a message that everyone should hear and understand.


But Spike, heroes ARE real. You're one, and so are your closest friends. Silly dragon.

5913034 5913058 5913095

If nothing else, I'm sure this story will grant me the highest mustache-to-comment ratio of anything else I've ever done.

:moustache: My ridiculously circuitous plan is one-quarter complete! :moustache:

I think it's true (particularly within the context of the show!) that real heroes rarely view themselves as such.

Though Spike is an interesting anomaly, because he does let it go to his head at times. But I don't think that's due to inconsistent characterization... It just means he's human dragon.

That like/dislike ratio tho...

From what I've heard, cons are about standing in line alot. Not really something I want to do.

Deserved it's standing in the Writeoff, and a pretty unique story in it's own right.
Hope it makes the Feature Box.

Before I read this I feel I should ask: Is this the Bearers of Harmony as the Power Ponies, or the real Power Ponies?

Neither, sort of? It's Spike at a comics convention, in which there are a lot of fans of and references to the Power Ponies comics. It's not a story within the actual Power Ponies universe itself.

5914225 Hmm. Because I like to think the actual Power Ponies are real, and often think about what would happen if they met the Bearers of Harmony.

Author Interviewer

Sweet moral and entertaining from start to finish. Nice stuff :twilightsmile:

Nice story, and I loved how you added in Mina. Too bad Spike never got that Radiance figure, though...

Muchly loved this story in the writeoff, have a well earned upvote + fav! It's the con experience distilled into pure form.

He should introduce Mina to the rest of his friends the next time she visits Ponyville.

Stories like this are why I love slice of life so much. Good look at the characters, simple stories with lots of heart. Really enjoyed this one, author. :ajsmug:

Better than the comic it referenced. Isn't that something? ;)
Here. You deserve this. :moustache:

Loved it in the writeoff, happy to add another to the pile. :moustache:

Nice. Like the new OC, Mina the dragon!:moustache:

the greatest thing I've overheard at a convention: "This con has been nothing but drama and waiting for people!"

great slice of life story, with a nice moral!

5933126 Even better! Thanks.

Nice little story, I liked it very much!
I still find it odd that Twilight said that there is very llittle known about dragons while there is a whole district full of them? The people making the comics don't actually watch the show I guess? How can it be canon with mistakes like that?

“Exactly. I just was thinking…” Spike frowned. “Well, there was that one arc where the Mane-iac experimented with some chemicals and gave herself amnesia and turned good for a while.”

I want to read that story, to be frank...


While it is true that there are lines aplenty, there is more to it than that. There is also plenty of buying cool stuff from other people that you don't get elsewhere meeting friends tht you would never met before, history lessons, and dancing/gaming.

I really love this fic, it gives Spike some great character moments while looking at both sides of what a con is. Yeah, there is goign to be some bad, but trust me, there is a whole bunch of fun and a lot of great memories to be had.

Weird that you would waste seven thousand words on a walking piece of crap with no future instead of a character who actually matters. You had two ponies, and fucking wasted them on this shit.

Spike nodded. “Issue 178, right? Where all the villains team up and almost beat the Power Ponies because they’re fighting with one another.”
“That one is so good!” Wally gushed.

Wally...you and I have different tastes in good comic book stories.

Loved all the comic canon used here. You don't see that too often. Knowing your read them now...which arc has been your favorite?

And poor Mike. Reality checks are never really fun. But at least it ended well for the little guy, and he realized what really makes a con memorable: the friends. You've clearly been to at least one convention, judging by certain little details you nail (like the "line-con" jokes). Unless you haven't and you're just that good, in which case: get out. No one needs you and your skills!

Hah. I don't exactly share Wally's opinion either. (Not to mention the regulation-color power ponies just look weird to me)

In general, I think my favorite arc in the main series was Big Mac's Gazebo one, by a long shot. Recently the main series has been pretty disappointing, unfortunately. The minis/friends forevers are hit and miss but I've overall liked them a lot. My favorites there (going by a vague memory) are Applejack's mini and the CMC/Discord FF. Though I did really like the Spike/Luna one, canon-squishyness be damned! (can we get fire snails in the show? they are too adorable)

And yes, this is borne out of several conventions. Primarily SDCC, in which for the past two years I've lined up at 3-4AM in order to get my Hasbro ticket and pony toy. :facehoof: It's all part of the experience though. That's what I keep telling myself. :derpyderp1:

I liked the Big Mac two parter, but it kinda bored me overall, if I recall properly. Not that it didn't have great moments in it, and getting a focus on Mac was nice. My personal favorite was the Celestia/Sombra arc--or perhaps I should say, all the Celestia bits in that arc. Other aspects weren't done so well. But who cares, because Celestia drama!

I liked the Spike and Luna story, though I'm still very uncertain on how to feel about there being whole dragon communities out there. And yes, quality has been all over the map in almost every way for all the mlp series they've done. I wonder if it isn't because they haven't really determined a direction for themselves, so it's more or less left up to whichever writer has their hands on it.

Ah so you've been to the big conventions. The largest I've attended is Bronycon, which is also the only one I've attended (twice). And lining up at 4am for pony isn't so nuts; I've lined up at 6am after traveling for hours to get a ticket to then camp out on a parking lot for 24 hours, all to get free food for a year. Did that about six times. :D Embrace the crazy!

One flaw: Twilight never goes on a rant about how the heck she missed there being a dragon town in a major Equestrian city despite knowing everything else on the planet about everything.

Cuz, ya know, that's kinda hard to explain... :trollestia:

“But that’s not how things really are at all. What if there’s no such thing as heroes? What if people are just mostly jerks?”

Silly Spike. That's why God invented Deadpool!


5939999 I'm certain that happened in Marvel Comics somewhere...

Conventions have been interesting places for me.

I've had a chat with Animaniac voice actor Rob Paulsen about his work in "Mighty Max" which he was so eager to talk about because we both felt it was a really clever and unique show with imaginative takes on many myths and legends.

I've talked with Disney legend Floyd Norman, who told of some hilarious moment with Walt Disney beating up a drunk who kept stumbling into his private rail car and other stories.

I had a long talk about fantasy writing with "Last Unicorn" author Peter S. Beagle.

Oh, and I had dinner with Tara Strong, Lauren Faust, and John de Lancie.

But, really.. nothing out of the ordinary. :raritywink:

Scribble whatever sounds like the kind of comic artist who only draws women in spine-bending, hip-swaying provocative poses that are clearly meant to titillate the teenage boys he assumes are the only audience who matter. I think Spike should broaden his horizons and find more off-beat comics like X: The Last Mare and Sandmare.

Wait, he's too young for those, to say nothing of Prancer and The Colts. Shoot, what creator-owned series are for all ages out there?

And that's why I'm glad TrotCon's the size it is: big enough to attract some show staff and the horse famous, while small enough that I can actually enjoy it. Just wish it was actually closer to some restaurants so I wasn't scarfing down sunflower seeds in my room between panels. This year's at a new place, though, so maybe it'll be better

Great job on this one, Sharp Spark! I was a little worried, since I'm behind on the comics, but it didn't spoil anything I didn't already know or require any knowledge of the comics. I was pleasantly surprised to see you dash my expectations at the end, too. I thought for sure there would've been one of those moments where ponies remind Spike of all the good things he did at the con, like the show probably would've done had this been an episode. Your approach was much more satisfying

This is neither what I sought nor what I expected to find when I looked for stories involving the Power Ponies. Nevertheless, I am glad to have found it.

Finally got around to reading this, and I'm very impressed with how well this was written. Great job on this, I'll have to check out your other works now. Thanks for sharing such a great story with a character that doesn't get a whole lot of positive attention.

6053756 When he does get older, he should check out stuff like Watchmares or that one comic that was about a smiling version of Discord starting a revolution. What was it called?

oh yes. Q for Quaos

And if he's as much a literary buff as Twilight, I think he would enjoy The League of Extraordinary Gentlecolts

Love the tail of Spie bieng a hero in smal lways . Was very well done. Genosity and kindness hehe.

Wish I could go to cons but never had the money or planning skills to get to one. ugh nothing ever happens in my province.

This was very, very good.

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