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An enormous chocolate cake mysteriously appears in the library on Hearts and Hooves Day. Rarity assumes the obvious; Twilight must have a secret admirer! Seeing as how she's well-experienced in the ways of asking delicate questions, Rarity decides it should be a simple matter to deduce if one of her friends is harboring romantic feelings for the lavender librarian.

Unfortunately for Rarity, love is complicated.

Note:What I really needed was a Mystery tag, but it doesn't exist. Sorry about that.
Edited with the generous assistance of N_Hawke. Story's not dead, just been busy with a bunch of other writing and stuff at home lately.

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This is going to progress until it has the rest of the princesses and the royal guard looking for information, isn't it?

Oh come now, it's clearly Celestia sending them.
Spike's gone to Canterlot to COMPLAIN about her sending the cake through Dragonfire.

I started reading it, and it was okay.

Then I got to the backing scene and it got epic.

Most of the story is pretty decent but the baking scene was really inspired. Kudos.

My money's on Celestia. Of course, my money is ALWAYS on Celestia on these things. Or something really oddball.

Isn't it obvious? Twilight was messing around with a spell, and turned herself into a cake. The pie is Owlowlysious. :trollestia:

Other than that, I'm guessing Fluttershy, just because it can't be anypony else at this point. 'Annual checkups for rabbits' is obviously an excuse. :trixieshiftright:

Yes, I’m coming! Hold your hippos!

Yes, this is the best way to ponify that expression. :rainbowkiss:

an’ I’d rule out Lilly, ‘cause she only loves fruitcakes.

Well, I don't really see how that rules anything out here. :trixieshiftleft:

in the end it will be a practical joke pulled on everyone else by Discord :rainbowlaugh:

3949548 Fruitcake, it's a joke. A phrase. "She's a total fruitcake."

Apologies if the joke fell flat, personally I thought it was funny.

Somewhere in Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle looked up from her book and felt a cold shiver of unbidden, unexpected dread.

(I sense a great disturbance in the Force...) :twilightoops:

One thing:

“If y’all are gonna keep up this whole ‘interrogation’ thing, somepony’s gotta be there to reign you in.”

The word you want is "rein", not "reign." "Reign" is to rule a country; "reins" are what you use to direct a horse or other animal in the direction you want them to go, and those are what the phrase "rein in" or "rein ___ in" refer to -- bringing or keeping someone or something under control. (As opposed to "free rein", where the reins are held loosely so as to allow the animal free movement in whatever direction it chooses.)

Ain't homophones fun?
(Hey, that's not very nice...) :pinkiegasp:
(...what isn't nice?)
(That word you used.)
(What word?)
(They prefer to be called "alternative lifestyle phones" now. Not that there's anything wrong with that.) :pinkiehappy:
(I... wait, what?)
(Well, you see, when a phone and another phone love each other very much...)
(Trust me, sugarcube, your best option right now is ta just smile, nod, an' let it go.) :ajbemused:
(Yeah, I think we'll go with that.)

(I don't get it...) :unsuresweetie:

Heheh love it. I am very, very, very, very much more than mildly interested. :trixieshiftright:

3950678 Much editing. Such mistakes. Wow :fluttercry:

I've fixed it. Thanks for being nice about pointing it out.

Eh, don't feel too bad -- that one seems to trip up a lot of people. It's one of those annoying errors that seems like it ought to be right, because we associate the word "reign" with ruling or controlling something, so it seems like "reign in" should be "to exert control over", even though it's not. The fact that even major news organizations and book publishers commit this error because of their increasing reliance on automatic spellcheckers to proof their copy (after all, computers don't need to be paid, don't take vacations or sick leave, and won't complain about working overtime) doesn't help any. :facehoof:

Just remember: "Reins are for reindeer, and spelled the same way; for they are how Santa Claus steers his sleigh." :twilightsmile:

(Ah don't think quotin' poetry at him's gonna help...) :applejackunsure:
(It's not a poem, Applejack, it's a mnemonic.) :twilightsmile:
(...it's a knee-what, now?) :applejackconfused:
("Mnemonic." A learning technique that aids information retention by translating information into a form that the brain can retain more easily than its original form.)
(...) :applejackconfused:
(...) :applejackunsure:
(...it's a what, now?) :ajbemused:
(*sigh* Never mind.) :facehoof:

(...I still don't get the part about the telephones...) :unsuresweetie:

3944833 Oh Please, Celestia has a cake that good and she SENDS IT AWAY? CELESTIA? If it was Celestia it would be the pie, the book and a few crumbs left over.

Very well done. Have a thumb, a fav, a feature rec, and a ribbon:

Yeah wtf is up with the lack of a "mystery" tag. We probably could do with a "sci fi" tag too...

Anyway, this looks fun! I might wait until more is posted before I start reading, but the concept is rad.

3944833 Oh gosh that must have hurt. Not to mention that it probably baked the cake too.


Oh gosh. Thanks!

Might I suggest reading Tavern, next? It's actually complete, unlike this one. I think my writing in it is better, too.

You're very welcome :twilightsmile:

I've got my hands full cleaning out the Twilight's Library incoming folder at the moment, but if you've got a story that you think should be in there, do make sure to submit it next time folders are open.

WTB a Mystery tag, so bad. :flutterrage:

Going by my masterful detective skills, I'm going to guess that the cake was in fact made by Twilight, and it's a gift to Rarity. :twilightblush: :raritywink:


Made me smirk.
Uguuuuu. This whole section of dialogue bothers me.
Does this reaction from Pinkie need work?
I think it can and does here.

Looks like the comments from gdocs importer got left in here.


Ugh, I hate it when that happens. Thanks for pointing it out.

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