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An enormous chocolate cake mysteriously appears in the library on Hearts and Hooves Day. Rarity assumes the obvious; Twilight must have a secret admirer! Seeing as how she's well-experienced in the ways of asking delicate questions, Rarity decides it should be a simple matter to deduce if one of her friends is harboring romantic feelings for the lavender librarian.

Unfortunately for Rarity, love is complicated.

Note:What I really needed was a Mystery tag, but it doesn't exist. Sorry about that.
Edited with the generous assistance of N_Hawke. Story's not dead, just been busy with a bunch of other writing and stuff at home lately.

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I, The Great and Powerful Trixie, have been reduced to performing magic tricks in a Trottingham tavern. One would think I'd never sink this low, but it's not as bad as it could be. The food is good, the beds are soft, and the company plentiful. The only problem? I'm stuck here until I earn enough bits to buy another caravan so I can get back on the road where I belong.

So imagine my delight when one evening, a conpony walks through the door and starts cheating at cards. It was a golden opportunity: a chance to line my purse, play the heroine, and teach an amateur magician a thing or two about misdirection.

I had a perfect plan. My only mistake was getting a friend involved.

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Rainbow Dash has had plenty of time to come to terms with how she feels about Applejack. It's just a matter of coming out and finally saying it.

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