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A Thought in Relation to Pomaceous Flying Rodentia · 8:33am Dec 29th, 2013

Did anyone else notice that as the Angry Applemob was being sung into a frenzy, that they all had their proto-Discorded coloring? I just find it an interesting thematic choice to make as the ponies decide to oust what I imagine is a vital participant in the spread of the Equestrian ecosystem.

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Bradel has been singing your praises. I don't have time to read your stories now, but have a watch in lieu of a promise that, eventually, I will. :twilightsmile:

It isn't much of a feat deserving it. Your prose is a marvel at least, stunning at best. :twilightsmile:

And thank you!

Thanks a bunch for the Watch! I'll do my best to keep deserving it!:twilightsmile:

Also, welcome to FIMFiction!:pinkiehappy:

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