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Absences and MORE ABSENCES!!! · 8:32am Dec 10th, 2012

Hello all my faithful followers and readers. It has been eating me inside knowing all of my few are left in the dark with no further reading so I am going to try to continue chapter 3 as soon as possible, but sadly my pc has once again crapped so I'm not sure how long until chapter 3 or any further chapters come out. I love you all and hope you can find it in your heart to forgive my absences.

Your Jackass of the Month,

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I've been interested in writing fics and trying it since about November 2011. I didn't publish stuff here until several weeks later, though.

Anyways, sure, I've written a lot. I hope you find a bunch of things that you like. :twilightsmile:

Only the one about spike, but I just looked at the list (that's a long list btw) and now I dedicate my time to reading your fics, I am a bit curious on how long you've been at this though.

Thanks very much for watching! :yay:

Just curious, but so which fics of mine have you read and what is it that you particularly like of them?

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