• Published 18th Oct 2019
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Unexpected Aftermath - Autum Breeze

I thought having to move house was stressful. Now I'm Cozy Glow and I'd glady take the stress of moving over this!

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Unexpected Aftermath



I sigh as I walk, a little sluggishly, through the city, reaching into my pockets and pulling out my phone and wallet.

I’d just moved house about a week ago and adjusting has been hard to say the least. My new home is way up in the hills, with nothing really close by like my old home.

Now, if I even wanna go to a simple store, I have to take the bus instead of walking there.

Plus, it’s impossible to just go even for a simple walk without becoming exhausted. The area is so steep, every time I decide to leave the house I have to ask myself, “Do you wanna go up to the small shop up the hill road?” or “Do you plan on catching the bus?”

If either of the answers to those questions is “no” I simply don’t feel any drive to leave the house.

It’s been so much emotionally difficult, I haven’t even gone back to work yet.

Seriously? My only option is a defect?!

The sudden close voice causes me to yelp, my phone and wallet flying out of my hands.

My phone goes off towards the road, but I lunge for my wallet first, but am just too late as it drops down into the drain.

“No!” I gasp, turning to get my phone. My bank card is in there. If I can’t get it back, I’ll need to cancel it first.

To my horror, though, my phone smashed when it hit the road, and, to add insult to injury, three cars quickly drive over the remains, leaving no chance of recovery.

Oh, quit your complaining. So you lost some block thing and some money. Big deal.

I look around angrily to find the one who caused that, but I don’t see anyone looking my way aside from casual glances.

“Who are you?” I yell, causing several heads to turn, before they walk away, not caring.

Doesn’t really matter for you, the voice replies and I realize it’s a female voice. All you need to know is you’re the lucky guy who gets to help me. Though, of course, you had to be a defective human, didn’t you?

I blink, before frowning. Why is that voice suddenly annoyingly familiar?

Hey, don’t you complain. I’m the one who’s going to be stuck with your defective body for the rest of my existence, the voice replies, sounding like it’s pouting.

“And just why would you be stuck with my defective body,” I ask, looking up at the sky, “Cozy Glow?”

The voice giggles. Oh, so you do know about me.

“Like how I know about your retarded plan to drain Equestria of all its magic, which would’ve eventually led to its death?” I say snarkily, if anything, to cover up the fact I’m inwardly freaking out as to why in the world I’m hearing and having a conversation with a mad filly from a cartoon show. “Yeah. I know about that. I also know you’re pathetic if you think Grogar doesn’t know you, Cheese Legs and Tirek took the bell for yourselves.”

She giggles again… and I get the feeling she knows something I don’t. I’ve only watched the leaked episodes of Season 9 of MLP up to The Last Laugh and 2, 4, 5 Greaaat, so I haven’t seen how much their plans to back stab Grogar horribly backfire on them yet. What does she know that I don’t?

Well, I guess this won’t be a problem for you then. Just know the Time Pause Spell I’ve cast will stop about five seconds after I’m done, so if you don’t wanna get hurt, you’ll wanna move fast. Have fun, I know I will.

Before I can ask just what in the world she’s talking about, my body feels hot and I feel like I’m falling forward and the world goes black for several seconds.

When my sight starts to return, everything is blurrying and really bright.

Shaking my head, I’m vaguely aware that something feels off, but I can’t tell what.

Glancing around, I see two large fuzzy objects either side of me. One is red and black and the other black and green.

Shaking my head a few times as my eyesight starts to clear… and my face goes blank.

I’m in Equestria. No getting around it, those colours of landscape are unmistakable to anyone who’s watched the show for the last nine seasons.

I look ahead, blinking in confusion. Wait. Why does it look like every creature type from the show is up on that hill far off… and is that Tempest?

Shaking my head again, I look around, before noticing something bright in the sky.

Looking up, my eyes widen. The Pillars of Light, the Young Six and Mane Six are all floating in the air, glowing with light. In the centre of them is Twilight, who’s glowing as well, her head thrust upwards, a beam of rainbow light towering in the sky.

Looking around again, I frown. Everything’s still. There’s not even any wind. It’s like the world is frozen in time.

Suddenly, no sooner have I thought it, the world seems to start moving again as the rainbow light curves and starts heading right towards me!

Panicking, I whirl around, managing to get a good look at the things standing next to me, my eyes widening again. Tirek and Queen Chrysalis, or, as I like to call her, Cheese Legs.

But, there’s something different about them. Tirek looks way bigger than he did in Frenemies and Cheese Legs looks like she’s been mutated or something.

Though, I don’t give that too much thought as I fling myself forward, rolling along the ground as the sound of a big bang goes off behind me, telling me the other two didn’t get out of the way of the Rainbow Laser of Death.

I regret not looking where I was going though, as I tumble down the hill, rolling head first over and over until I hit the bottom with a resounding thud.

Ow! That hurt. My horn’s killing me and now my wings are stiff.

I blink. Wait a minute. Wings? Horn?

Opening my eyes again, I glance to my sides to see large, bright pink wings. What the fuck?

Looking up, I see a long horn protruding from my head… which has a mop of cycle curls that are worryingly familiar.

Suddenly, Cozy Glows words catch up to me.

I’m the one who’s going to be stuck with your defective body for the rest of my existence

No. No, don’t tell me… don’t tell me Cozy Glow made us switch bodies? And since when the fuck was she an Alicorn?!

Author's Note:

Sorry if this seems a bit rushed, bit I was running out of time for the day and wanted to get this out today instead of having to wait until next week.

The mane Character's moving struggles are based on how I was feeling several weeks ago after I'd moved.

I'm better now... but I still don't think I'm ever going to see my new house as my home.

Hoping I can have fun with this one, especially since, with the show now over, I can work with whatever Cozy Glow backstory I want for the main character to be stuck dealing with.

Hope that, while short, this is enough to get you curious.

Will hopefully be able to get another chapter of this, Call of a Raven and a long needed update to Sweetie Belle Drops before next Saturday.