• Published 18th Oct 2019
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Unexpected Aftermath - Autum Breeze

I thought having to move house was stressful. Now I'm Cozy Glow and I'd glady take the stress of moving over this!

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1


I stare up at the horn adorning what is now my head.

And Alicorn? Seriously? Since when in the world did Cozy Glow, of all characters, become a fucking Alicorn?

How could she even become one? Doesn’t becoming one require either performing some kind of great feat or being popped out an Alicorn’s fanny?

“You think friendship will save you?!” an angry voice yells from behind me.

Turning my neck at what, for a human, would be quite the unnatural position, I realize I didn’t fall down as much of a hill as I’d first thought.

In fact, it’s just a small ridge, barely an incline, but, due to being as disoriented, confused and panicking as I was, not to mention I’m now Cozy Glow sized, it seemed a lot bigger and farther than I’d thought.

Cheese Legs and Tirek are facing off against someone out of my range of sight, but I’m assuming it’s Twilight and the others.

“We will always return,” Cheese Legs continues dramatically, thrusting a hoof in the air and looking skyward. “Nothing will—”

My eyes widen as, from my current angle, I see what looks like a giant cupcake with pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles just appear out of nowhere and fall from the sky, slamming down on top of the two villains, cutting of the monologue.

The next second, it starts raining… chocolate milk?

Guess Discord’s around. Makes sense. That much magical energy would definitely get my attention if I was the Lord of Chaos and had the power to sense that kind of thing.

“Pinkie,” I can faintly hear Twilight Sparkle saying, damn, these ponies ears are good at hearing, it seems, “you took Discord’s magic from the bell?”

I blink. Um… what did she just say?!

Looking back to the hill my eyes widen in absolute horror as Pinkie seems to grow to a massive size, the clouds in the sky turning bright pink as multiple different balloons and types of candy appear and start flying through the sky as Pinkie yells, “I could transform the cosmos so that everything is made of icing!”

I just stare up at the towering pink mare, actually pissing myself in terror.

Pinkie Pie with Discord’s magic?

Nope! Nuh-uh! No way! Not now! Not today. Not ever! Fuck this shit! I am out!

I turn and clumsily try to run, wanting to get as far away as possible from the living nightmare that is now before me.

I gotta get away. I can’t stay here!

Suddenly, I feel my new horn burn before the rest of my body follows suit. I don’t even wait to see what happened and keep running— Only to slam face first into what feels like a wall.

I flop backwards, the world spinning around me.

After a while, I shake my head and sit up, looking around, blinking in surprise. I’m… and in Grogar’s lair.

At once, my blood goes cold.

Shit! I’m in Grogar’s lair! How the flying fuck did I get here?!

I look around in panic. I don’t wanna get caught by him. Whatever Cozy and the other two did, since they apparently had his bell, he can’t be too happy with them… unless they actually killed him, but one horrifying thought at a time is all I’m willing to process right now.

Scanning the room quickly, I spot an area I recognize from Frenemies as where Cozy and the others would gather. There’s chairs and a table there. I can hide there til I’m sure Grogar isn’t around.

Stumbling forward, still not fully used to four legs yet, I get to the table and hide under it, grabbing what looks like that banner Cozy made and use it like a table cloth to better hide myself.

Taking a few deep breaths, I try to calm my nerves so I can actually think and process my insane situation.

Okay, so, somehow, Cozy Glow became an Alicorn and studied enough about inter-dimensional travel and body swapping to figure out how to switch my mind into her body and vice versa. How…?

My thought process stops as that realization dawns on me. Cozy Glow is in my body! Shit, shit, shit, shit, SHIT! This is not good. Not good at all.

There’s no telling what she could do to ruin my life depending on how long she spends in my body.

She could make my family hate me. Get me fired from my job. Get me arrested and… and…

I blink. Wait a minute. Cozy wouldn’t know the first thing about me, would she? Heck, she wouldn’t even know my name!

I dropped my wallet down that drain after she scared the living daylights out of me and my phone was utterly trashed, so she can’t get any personal information about me from those.

I find myself calming down a little, able to start thinking more clearly.

I was also in an area of the city I don’t normally travel at the time, since I’d been doing everything I could to put off returning to my new house. She’d have no clue where to go for anything.

Plus, she can’t contact anyone in my family yet. My aunt and uncle won’t be moving into the city for at least a year, so the chances she’ll run into them is less than zero. And, while I do frequent some places in the city so they’d know my face on sight, I wasn’t close to those areas when she contacted me and switched us.

Plus, without my wallet, it’s not like she can use the buses or buy anything, all my money was in it.

Wow. Never have I been so relieved that my wallet could be lost and some random stranger find it.

And it’s not like she can speak with any members of my family. Since I recently moved house and I’ve barely gotten used to the area myself, chances she’ll find it are even slimmer than her finding my old home with my family.

I breathe a sigh of relief.

Okay. As long as Cozy doesn’t do anything too stupid, like something that would get her arrested, I might be able to get out of this without too much trouble.

I decide to keep calm for now. With any luck, time works differently between the real world and Equestria and what may be hours to me could only be seconds there.

Granted, that’s a big assumption, but if I don’t do something to keep my mind at ease, I don’t think I’m going to cope very well with this.

I settle down and decide to wait and see when or if Grogar returns. If he isn’t back within an hour, I’ll assume either he’s out or the Terrible Trio took him out with his own bell.


“Hate to admit it, but you were one smart little bitch, Cozy,” I murmrur as I look over the notes.

I’d waited for at least an hour. I’d counted to sixty to keep track of the minutes, making a small scratch on the floor under the table to keep track of the time. It had been tedious, but it was all I could do.

After I’d waited what I felt was long enough, I’d come out and started exploring the place.

Tirek and Cheese Legs’ rooms weren’t much. Tirek’s was just as it was in the Frenemies episode, full of sports equipment and that portrait of himself.

Cheese Legs’ room was kinda barrow, with only a bed, some things held to the wall by her mucus and that log that was the Meanlight clone from The Mean 6.

Cozy’s room, however, held much more. It had taken a little snooping, but I’d eventually found a secret compartment she’d clearly build under her bed after ripping off the pathetic vestments Cozy was wearing, inadvertently opening the compartment when one of the shoes hit it, knocking it open slightly.

Inside it were scrolls with countless diagrams and formulas that went over my head, but a few things stood out that allowed me to make a haphazard picture.

Cozy was certain they’d win, but she’d made sure to have a backup plan should things go wrong, as she didn’t trust the other two at all. Not that that surprises me. I wouldn’t trust them either.

While most of the stuff she’d written was absolute gibberish to me, some words were clear to me, as if I was now hardwired to read Equestrian. Guess it’s a side effect of cramming a human mind into a pony brain?

Anyway, from what I can make out of the diagrams and some journal entries Cozy wrote, she had a hunch that, while she now had Grogar’s magic…

I’d actually paused at that part, before it clicked. After they took Grogar’s magic with the bell, they used it on themselves, that’s why Tirek was so huge, Cheese Legs’ looked like a mutated version of herself and Cozy was an Alicorn. Grogar’s magic had changed them.

Shaking my head, I focus again.

Tirek and Chrysalis are certain this magic is enough, but I wanna have a backup plan on the offhoof chance either of those two do something to screw things up.

I can’t help rolling my eyes at that. Yeah, because you never screwed up yourself, there, you Darla Dimple reject.

While I have figured out how to send myself into another dimension, switching bodies with one of the inhabitants, thanks to that idiot Princess Twilight letting her students have access to all those books on magic at her school back when I was a student there, I annoyingly haven’t had enough time to perfect the spell. I’ve only been an Alicorn for about five hours now, after all.

Studying how to use magic and knowing how to use the magic and then HAVING the magic to do so while doing it isn’t exactly easy.

Should all else fail, especially if we can’t even get the jump on Grogar now that we have his magic already…

I blink. Wait. They hadn’t already beaten Grogar by the point she was writing this, yet her writing suggests she was already an Alicorn by this point?

Guess when Grogar said his magic was in the bell, he was hiding just how much was in there.

Yikes. How much does that mean those three got after taking the rest from him directly? I shudder, just thinking about it.

… I will use the spell and switch myself with another being from some other world. Like I said, the spell isn’t fully finished, so what I’ll be switching with will be totally random and I won’t even know what they are until right before the switch.

Maybe I’ll become a hippogriff or a dragon.

Whatever the case, it’s better than facing Grogar or whatever will happen if we lose to Twilight and the Lame Six.

I deadpan at that. Really? Lame Six? Good grief, just how old are you, Cozy, eight?

Doesn’t really matter to me what I switch with, as long as I don’t have to suffer the punishment of failing again, I’ll be able to come back.

Let the pathetic sap who gets stuck in my body have to live with whatever happens to my body. Maybe they’ll get sent back to Tartarus or maybe Grogar will experiment on them, turning them into another of his monsters.

Either way, it won’t be my concern.

Gotta go. Tirek says Grogar’s coming. I can’t wait to see his face when we steal his magic from him and he realizes it’s all his own fault for getting us to work together.

First Grogar, then Equestria.

I finish reading, scowling at the pages.

Fuck you, Cozy Glow, you inconsiderate little bitch. I suddenly hope she gets badly hurt while in my body. Sure, it means when we switch back I’ll have to deal with the pain, but at least she’ll have felt it for a while first.

Not that I see myself switching back anytime soon.

I look over the diagrams, pouting. There’s no way I’ll ever be able to figure out what this all means and cast the spell myself.

Plus, I’d have to somehow refine the spell first, so I can actually zero in on my own body in my own dimension instead of it being totally random.

I stomp my hoof angrily. Damn you, Cozy Glow! How dare you fuck me over like this! I was barely starting to try and settle into a new phase in my life and now you’ve gone and saddled me with all this shit you brought on yourself.

Growling, I toss the papers into the air, before stomping out of the room, trot over to the table from earlier and plonk myself down at it, letting my head rest on the top.

What do I do now? I can’t just go back to the Mane 6 and ask for help.

Like they’d believe I’m not actually Cozy Glow and some random human she switched bodies with. I wasn’t even aware body swapping was something that could be done in Equestria.

I mean, there was that episode where Zecora got Fluttershy and Angel to swap bodies, but that required both of them to drink a special potion, not cast a spell. Not to mention that swap was only temporary. Cozy clearly planned on this being permanent.

After several minutes of moping, I sigh and get up, deciding I may as well venture out and see what I can find. It’s not like staying here is going to help me.

If anything, staying here is the worst idea. While I dunno what happened to Grogar or what fate will have befallen Cozy’s fellow villains, they’ll more than likely be forced to tell where this place is.

If not, Discord could easily find the place. It’s one of the reasons I’ve tried not to use Cozy’s new Alicorn magic as much as possible. Pretty sure he’d be able to sense it, since it was formed from Grogar’s magic and not normal means.

Sighing, I get up and trudge over to the small waterfall in the room with Grogar’s crystal ball thing and shove my head under it.

I pull my head out and shake it vigorously. With the ribbon and curls gone, I at least don’t look completely like Cozy Glow.

Heading back to Tirek’s room, I grab a cloak that I think is the one he was wearing back in season 4 and put it over myself, hiding my new wings and head out of the lair, hopping as best I can down the broken path. Turns out Grogar’s lair is in some kind of swamp. At first, I thought maybe it was the one near where Mage Meadowbrook lives, but I don’t think so.

If anything, as worrying as it is to think about considering my current appearance, I can’t help thinking the far off mountains behind the lair look very similar to those of the Dragon Lands.

Yeah, last thing I want is to run into an angry dragon looking like Cozy Glow, so hiding my new wings and making my mane look as little like that filly who’s design was inspired by Baby Doll, who was inspoired by Darla Dimple, who was inspired by Shirley Temple as I can is at least something.

Looking around the swampy area, I take a deep breath and trudge on forward.


“Dammit!” I yell in anger, pulling myself out from the muck for what feels like the hundredth time.

Turns out I didn’t need to bother changing my mane’s style. I’ve fallen into the muck so many times, my mane looks nothing like Cozy’s original style.

It’s flat against my head as hair can be and covered in mud and twigs, leafs and I don’t even wanna know what else.

“I swear, if I ever get a hold of that little bitch, I’m gonna ring her freaking neck once we switch back!” I snarl, biting my cloak and yanking hard to pull it from the muck.

I blink, frowning.

“Huh. I know this swamp area’s kinda humid, but why does it suddenly feel warmer… all of… a sudden?”

I trail off, noticing this new heat is particularly aimed towards my neck.

Slowly turning around, I see a tiger’s head, with a goat’s head right next to it—

And that’s as far as I see because I turn tail and run like crazy as a roar comes from behind, mixed with the bleating of a goat and the hissing of a snake.

A chimera! It just had to be a fucking chimera! What’s it even doing out here?! Wasn’t it trapped in Tartarus?! Or is this a different one?

Why the fuck do I even care? All I need to worry about is getting the fuck out of here and putting as much distance between that thing and me as possible.

Suddenly, I’m yanked back as something grabs my cloak.

My mind still whirling with panic, I twist out of it and shoot forward, not bothering to question how the heck my wings are working when I’ve had no flying experience, just happy it’s gonna help me get away.

I can hear the chimera continuing to chase me, its trio of roars making my blood run cold every time I hear it.

I round a corner, but fail to avoid slamming my head against an outstretched tree branch and fall back, slamming into the muck.

I shake myself, trying to take in my suroudings, before my panic goes into overdrive. I’m sinking into whatever murky stuff I’ve fallen into.

“Help!” I scream, flailing furiously, my wings completely useless now due to being so covered in the muck.

The chimera comes up to the edge of the muck and looks down at me. It gives me an annoyed look, before turning and sauntering off.

“Wait!” I yell after it as I desperately try to keep the front of my body above the swampy liquid. “I— I’ll let you eat me! I swear, save me and I’m all yours! Please, just don’t let me die like this!”

I hate how pathetic I sound as I plead for my life, but I’ve no choice. I don’t know magic and I don’t have any other options. Plus, I could just let it eat my wings before I escape. That way I’m technically keeping my word and it’s not like I really care about if Cozy Glow’s wings get eaten. Once we switch back, it’s her problem that she’ll be grounded, not mine.

The creature pauses, as if thinking about it, the movements of its three heads indications it’s discussing it with itself, before all three shake their heads and head off.

“No!” I wail, tears forming and spilling from my eyes. “Please! I’m begging you! I don’t wanna die like this! PLEASE!”

“Hang on, little one!” a voice yells from somewhere. “We’re a-comin’!”

“Over here!” I scream, thanking whatever counts as God in this world. I don’t care who it is or if they recognize my body as Cozy’s and mistake me for her. Nothing can be worse than dying like this.

I hear the sound of trees bashing apart and the sound of two thundering sets of hooves.

“Hurry! Hel—” I’m cut off as my mouth goes below the surface, waving my free forehoof in the air frantically, thankful Cozy’s coat colour is so bright pink it would be impossible to miss in the muck of this swamp.

As my vision gets blocked off as my head goes under, I feel two strong forelimbs wrap around my hoof and yank upward.

After a few seconds, I burst forth from what was almost my murky grave, gasping for air.

I’m dragged through the muck, before being lifted up and feel a pair of warm forelimbs wrap around me.

I don’t care who they are or even what they are. I burst into tears and wail into their coat.

I almost died! I almost died!

If not for whoever this is, I’d literally have drowned to death in this swamp, with no one ever knowing where I was or what happened to me.

After what feels like hours, I finally get myself a little under control, at least I’m only sobbing and not wailing, at least, and realize whoever is holding me is murmuyring soothingly to me.

“It’s alright. It’s okay. Yer safe now. We won’t let anythin’ happen to ya.”

I gasp for air, trying to control my breath and stop my sobbing.

That… that voice sounds familiar. But, it’s not a familiar I’m sure I should know. It doesn’t sound like any of the Mane 6 and it isn’t Meadowbrook.

“That’s it. Take it slow. No need to rush this. Ya’ve been through a lot. Take yer time.”

Gulping, doing my best to finally breathe normally, I look up at whomever is holding me, realizing they’re female.

I blink as my eyesight adjust through my tears. I’m seeing an orangey blob. Applejack?

No. no, that doesn’t make sense. Unless Discord brought her with him when they went to search for me after realizing Cozy wasn’t with the other two after they’d been hit by the Rainbow Laser of Death.

“Here,” she starts rubbing my face with some kind of cloth, it taking a second to realize she’s trying to clean whatever muck is on my face and dry my tears.

“Th-thanks,” I say when she pulls it away and I open my eyes again, blinking.

My vision clears up, the orange blob becoming easier to see… only for my eyes to widen and my jaw to drop.

“Pear Butter?!”

Author's Note:

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