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a home-grown australian who embraced being a member of the fandom 2 days before joining. Willingly delved into the fandom whole-heartedly and has never looked back


My life was going fine.

I had a loving family, had a somewhat okay job and was just enjoying life.

That all changed when I randomly found myself turned into the villian, Miranda from the show W.I.T.C.H. and now have to worry about whether the Guardians are coming after me or not.

Sure, I've Folded into Equestria, but how much time will that buy me?

I need to find a way home, fast.

Sex tag because of talk of sexual stuff since the main protag used to be an adult.

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“Come on, Miranda!” I tell myself. “Remember home. Remember… wait. Did I just call myself Miranda? But that’s not my real name. my real name is… is…”

Things just got a lot more complicated :moustache:

Nice like what I see so far but I have a question she’s a shapeshifter right what are her limits in that field and does she have the ability to use magic in general or other magic abilities?

Interesting story. I see followed to read more. Just one thing, Kaleb is spelled Caleb.

Author might have other plans but if i were her. I'd ask AJ to introduce me to Princess Twilight and explain EVERYTHING to them. Telling them shes not from their world or the 'other' world . She doesn't remember her real name but the name of the 'body' she currently has. And tell the truth that the body she inhabits is a villain that as evil as Queen Chrysalis, who betrayed her old masters and that the heroes that fought her might pop in to 'arrest' her and might tell them about her crimes.

And list Miranda's crimes to them. Total honesty

Seems interesting 🧐. I hate to be “that guy,” but I’d this going to be another case of your writing a few interesting chapters, losing your muse, and on to the next big idea? I love your stories, truly I do. It is just so disappointing when my favorites among your catalog never update. Still though, keep up the good work. Your tales have brought joy to me when I was feeling down.

Conceptually interesting, but I fear I can already predict exactly how it'll go.

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