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My life was going fine.

I had a loving family, had a somewhat okay job and was just enjoying life.

That all changed when I randomly found myself turned into the villian, Miranda from the show W.I.T.C.H. and now have to worry about whether the Guardians are coming after me or not.

Sure, I've Folded into Equestria, but how much time will that buy me?

I need to find a way home, fast.

Sex tag because of talk of sexual stuff since the main protag used to be an adult.

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“Come on, Miranda!” I tell myself. “Remember home. Remember… wait. Did I just call myself Miranda? But that’s not my real name. my real name is… is…”

Things just got a lot more complicated :moustache:

Nice like what I see so far but I have a question she’s a shapeshifter right what are her limits in that field and does she have the ability to use magic in general or other magic abilities?

Interesting story. I see followed to read more. Just one thing, Kaleb is spelled Caleb.

Author might have other plans but if i were her. I'd ask AJ to introduce me to Princess Twilight and explain EVERYTHING to them. Telling them shes not from their world or the 'other' world . She doesn't remember her real name but the name of the 'body' she currently has. And tell the truth that the body she inhabits is a villain that as evil as Queen Chrysalis, who betrayed her old masters and that the heroes that fought her might pop in to 'arrest' her and might tell them about her crimes.

And list Miranda's crimes to them. Total honesty

Seems interesting 🧐. I hate to be “that guy,” but Is this going to be another case of your writing a few interesting chapters, losing your muse, and on to the next big idea? I love your stories, truly I do. It is just so disappointing when my favorites among your catalog never update. Still though, keep up the good work. Your tales have brought joy to me when I was feeling down.

Conceptually interesting, but I fear I can already predict exactly how it'll go.

All around her are diagrams and scrolls with scribblings I can’t even pretend to begin to understand… and is that a magic circle made from chalk on the ground around her.

You can't beat the classics :moustache:

I ended up back in the W.I.T.C.H. universe? I just knew Twilight’s eagerness was too blinding for her. I should’ve insisted she properly study the method of Folding until she fully grasped it.

I agree :moustache:
Unfortunately the problem also lies with you, can you even get a clear picture of your "home" and what it looks like, or can you only get vague ideas and images? :pinkiesad2:

He just tricked me into saying Pord Lartsa. That’s the spell that creates Astral Drops, copies of whomever says the phrase.

Wait really, you just need to trick someone into saying it... that's rather terrifying :unsuresweetie:

Excellent work can’t wait for next chapter

Excellent work keep it up

I'd think about an investment into a good heavy metal anchor in her place. She desperately needs one.

And my condolences.

🎶Hello concosiun my old friend,
you come to torment me again🎶

Great new chapter, keep up you good work.

Are we just going to ignore discord saying
“Not to mention my own daughter…”
I feel like that’s something that should immediately grab Miranda’s attention.

Also sorry to hear about your grandmother.

Actually, that one's my bad. As I stated in the author's note, I was really drained by the time I finished writing and, due to not actually wanting to have to rewatch the scene where they're all outside the Changeling Kingdom, and since most of it was goingtobethe same anyway, I'd opted to be just copy that bit from my It’s A Screwed Up Life fic and, being as drained as I was by the time I finished writing the rest of the chapter, completely missed that line during the pre-post pre-read:twilightblush:

I shake my head, trying to clear it. Damn, I miss being able to think perfectly straight.

Yeah, it's pretty great :moustache:

I would question how they managed to pull this off, but, if they came after everypony in their sleep, the only one who could’ve fought back would likely have been Princess Luna and even she couldn’t fight an army of Changelings on her own.

No, but there should have been guards, protections, security measures developed specifically to counter changelings since they all know changelings are still an issue or at least something dangit :trixieshiftleft:

“I’ve been trying to tell you!” Thorax says in an exasperated tone. “Nothing other than changeling magic works here. Chrysalis’ throne is carved from an ancient dark stone that soaks up outside magic the same way Changelings soak up love. It’s how she keeps the hive safe.”

It's actually kinda interesting when you think about it, I mean we never really learn anything about that stone like:

What is it?
Where did it come from?
Why does it soak up most forms of magic except changeling magic?
Does it absorb a creatures internal magic?
What does it do with the magic it soaks up?
Is it the reason the Badlands are the way they are?
Why does destroying the throne cause the effect of the stone disappear?

I'm curious about most of these things but as I was writing this I got even more curious about what the stone does with the magic it absorbs? :trixieshiftleft:

Huh. Okay, gotta hand it to Queen Cheese Legs, that’s a good defence for her kingdom. Now I see why the Changelings haven’t been wiped out despite their ruler’s usual lack of reason when enacting her plans.

Not just her plans, she placed their Hive in the middle of a wasteland far away from any potential foodsource, which probably forces them to expend a fair amount of energy just to travel to and from the Hive, thus decreasing the amount of food any harvester (or whatever they're called) returns with :moustache:

If an old man knew where you were when you weren’t supposed to be there, that’s pretty worrying!”

It is, especially since she was immediately thrown back into Equestria after said "old man" got what he wanted :moustache:

Discord looks ahead, before grabbing his face and stretching his eye lids. “I haven’t walked that far in a millennia!”

Weren't you stone for a millennia? :trixieshiftright:

It doesn’t hurt… but, WOW, it feels weird as shit.

Yeah I'd imagine it would :unsuresweetie:

You know, this feeling groggy and having no idea where I am thing is getting really old, really fast.

I'd imagine so :moustache:

however, that is also why i wanted to get this chapter done today, because i don't see myself wanting to do any writing whatsoever for the next couple days, because i don't really feel it would be right trying to do that so soon after the funeral.

Understandable, take the time you need :pinkiesad2:

I also should specify that an Astral Drop only forms when one is channelling magic when the words are spoken.

Good to know, though now I'm just wondering if you can make an Astral Drop of an Astral Drop an dif could make an army like that? :trollestia:

Chance are likely that the stone throne is the reason why the Badlands are in a sorry state in the Season 6 finale and why flora reappeared in a short amount of time considering what we see in To Change A Changeling.

Doubt that was an accident. Discord talks about some huge magic an old guy wouldn't be willing to do being necessary to make an Altermere, and right after some old guy bumps into Will of all people? He did some shit.

For Gregor, Grogar is the obvious answer but a bit unsatisfying - imo, beyond background details there shouldn't be a significant divergence pre-Miranda, so why and how would he have come to Earth that quickly? Of course, it could be he noticed the time dilation weakening and came to earth for the Heart of Meridian, like so many other villains. He'd also have a good lock on Equestria, potentially allowing him to know where Miranda came out of the Fold if he kept track of travel to/from Equestria. This is the answer I rate as most likely.

On the WITCH side, the runics are villains in the WITCH comic, but they're all young, so maybe a backer? I'm just going off the wiki here which isn't the most complete.

Okay i'm so pumped for this! Big fan of WITCH and to be honest and Miranda was one of my favoirte characters from it, so eager to see how it plays out. Don't think Miranda and Cedric's species were ever really delved into though most fics i've read have called them shapeshifters.

Also minor thing but Caleb's name is spelled with a C not K, just want to point that out. Oh and if interested can send a link of where to find episodes from WITCH and MLP along with many other shows that you can watch online for free.

Brilliant chapter and can't help but wonder what angle Discord might be working. One theory I have is the's Gregor, as that does sound like Grogar and perhaps he wants the astral drop for the real miranda to make a comback.

Another excellent chapter with Miranda using her powers for the first time, and us learning some very interesting lore in Discord previous experience with the guardians and Equestria formerly having it's time accelerated compared to the other worlds. Kinda of curious how Nerissa did that don't recall any power from that, but guessing Heart of Kandrakar played a hand.

Seriously this story is really off to truly brilliant start, and so eager to read more. :pinkiehappy:

I’ve got to say that I too lean towards Grogar, the original lord of the shadow realm Tambelon one not the discord in disguise one, simply because the names “Gregor” and “Grogar” are similar enough that “Grogar” could be misheard as “Gregor” if Grogar was banished to the earth either without his magic or with reduced magical power. Also the Grogar vs Gregor thing seems like something that would be pulled in the mlp verse as ponies in general seem rather gullible.

I'll be honest...I no idea what the heck you are writing now.

I can't follow the plot, you changing things and the number one theme is the main character gets knock out all the time so there a skip and ....UGGGHHH...I got a headache trying to figure out what is going on now.

But feels like your being lazy in writing the story big scene coming up knock out the main character so can skip it.
Big event coming knock out the main character to skip everything.
Give her a random super power..knock her out to avoid explaining or making sense.

I have no problem with the MC getting knocked around. Also, the Royal Guard being undercover during the Festival makes a lot of sense, thank you for that.

“This… is really not good,” he murmured.

No kidding, and some should really tell that girl to not walk through mysterious portals that appear in her room :moustache:

I frown as everypony in the crowd murmurs. That was a lot of titles. Either this Storm King is really all that, or he’s seriously compensating for something.

Well I mean, no one around here seems to have heard of him, so he's probably not "all that" :eeyup:

“Huh? Fizzle?” Starlight says, sounding shocked. “She’s here?”

Hmm :trixieshiftright:

I blink, turning to the unicorn. “You know her? And, her name’s Fizzle?” No wonder she changed it to Tempest.

Starlight knows good old Fizzlepop... that should be interesting in the future :eeyup:

Odd. Why would regular ponies be readying for a fight instead of the Royal… Oh! Undercover. Smart.

It also makes sense :moustache:

Suddenly, I notice the odd feeling of webbing in my mouth.

That's gotta feel weird :trixieshiftleft:

I’m so lost here.

That's because you based your opinion of him after a few minutes of screen time from a cartoon show meant for very young kids :moustache:

“But, that doesn’t make any sense!” I say, shaking my head. “I’m Miranda and Miranda’s limits don’t extend beyond her shapeshifting and spider-like abilities. She doesn’t have energy powers, especially after what happened in Kandrakar.”

That might be true... for "Miranda", but you're not Miranda, or at least not all of you is that Miranda. One part of you is from someone else and who knows what that part is now capable of after everything that's happened :moustache:

Bluey’s actually a pretty chill dude. Turns out he only treated Rarity the way he did at the Gala was because he thought she was just another gold digger, looking to marry him solely for his status.

Let's be fair, she kinda was :eeyup:

Whatever happens next, I’ve no clue, as I feel like a million watts of electricity run through my body, before everything goes black.

It can not good for her health to go unconscious this often :unsuresweetie:

“What?” everyone looked to each other.

She said she got stoned :trollestia:

“So, let me get this straight,” Irma said. “A Fold somehow opens in Lilian’s bedroom and it sent her to a magical world of ponies? Seriously?”

Basically :moustache:

Another great chapter and still loving this as the plot thickens. New abilities, the MLP movie getting some fun twists with the ponies actually putting up solid defense with help from miranda, and of course a mysterious party scheming and sending Lillian through a fold to Equestria.

Questions up in the air what's going on with Miranda's abilties what can't she shape shift and whats the deal with the new powers, and just why did whoever it was send Lillian there at all?

Blueblood gave me one of his spare homes (yeah, he’s got a few)

Not suprising :moustache:

along with the ability to spit webs from some glad in the back of my throat… though it feels way weirder doing that in human form than in the spider one.

I'd imagine it would :trollestia:

Frankly, I think she maybe needs a vacation to clear her mind a bit, because you’d have to be pretty out of it to think Miranda has any dormant magical potential.

While yes, Celestia probably does need a vacation, she's most likely not wrong about the "dormant magic potential" part.

I think I wrote a comment about how Miranda is, not entirely "Miranda" and we don't really know much about who this Miranda really is or what she could end up being capable of :moustache:

“Nightmare Moon,” I cough, causing a mixture of looks from amused to annoyed to be directed my way and I shrug. “Look, I may not know who this Rockhoof is or what in the world The Mighty Helm are, but I’m just sayin’, for a mare who fully believed the story of Nightmare Moon was real and was proven to be correct, that sounded pretty narrow minded there, Princess.”

Exactly :moustache:

Twilight shrugs. “I can’t answer that, Miranda. But, it’s clear you’re supposed to go. The Map’s never been wrong before.”

Yeah putting all your faith and trust in a mystical artifact of unknown origin, made for an unknown purpose has never ended badly at all.

And yes it is unknown, at this point in cannon no one knows where the Tree of Harmony came from or what it's purpose really is, and so anything that comes from it are likewise unknown.

It’s been a day since The Map sent us to retrieve The Shovel of Rockhoof.

And during that day you've read the same book a dozen times... must be a short but interesting book :eeyup:

Applejack had assured me everything was fine, that I was just nervous, but… I dunno.

Listen to those instincts, they're probably not wrong :trixieshiftleft:

“And did you hear about that strange winged horn creature that supposedly raises the sun? Preposterous.”

That sounds absolutely ridiculous :trollestia:

I shake my head. “I don’t know nor why it didn’t take it when it had the chance. All I know is, the sooner we get that shovel back to Princess Twilight and figure out how to store it safely, the better.”

Hmm, it might have tried but couldn't touch it and the flash from earlier was it trying :trixieshiftright:

It's good to hear from you again, mellonin.

Another excellent chapter and wonderful work. :)

I might have to get Twilight to look into this and ask the princesses about it too.

Probably a good idea :moustache:

He gives that signature evil villain laugh as he leaves... the roof somehow closing behind him? What?

I'm Miranda in this scene :rainbowhuh:

This chapter felt much more like a progressive info-dump than anything else, we got a bunch of "tell" and not much "show" to go along with it.

Still, nice to see an update.

Pinkie doesn't talk for most of the chapter, i actually forgot she was called by the map as well, and she is barely any help.

I think the whole chapter would feel the same without her.

“It is quite old,” Mr. Runic lifted the gem to the light. “It’s called the Flashstone. It is said to have mystical properties.”

...I'm sorry what :twilightoops:

Why was she so tired all of a sudden and now, of all times?

Cause you touched something you probably shouldn't have :trixieshiftleft:

Spider Miranda just laughs. “The superior lifeform.”

And the ugliest one around :moustache:

Miranda turns back, smiling as she takes on her human form, causing everypony present to gasp. “So long, Miranda . Til we meet again.”

...did you seriously just come here to gloat/monolog? :trixieshiftright:

Father? Who in the world is Miranda’s father?!

Good question, Gregor called the Miranda lookalike his "granddaughter" so for some reason I'm not as suspicious of him as I would have thought... could rather easily be wrong though :moustache:

Good chapter, just one ting, Halinor was the FIRE Guardian.

This year, i'll be spending it with my family at a beach house, so prepping for that, plus getting the right presents, kinda took priority in my life.

I don't see myself uploading another chapter til after Christmas, since i won't have any computers to write on til after the day, so, i hope this is enough to tied you over.

Naturally, and have fun :twilightsmile:

Okay. I think I might have missed it from the last chapter, but didn't the HuMane 7 get transported to Ponyville as well?

“And I thought us saying “we’re magical beings from another world” would sound weird in this world,” Irma shook her head.

Heh, yeah :trollestia:

“Okay, since we don’t know where your portal is, we need to Fold there, now!” Will took the Heart in her hand. “Who knows this Ponyville?”

It's right next to you :trollestia:

Miranda cackles. “Oh, that plan worked out perfectly. Now you’re completely cut off from your powers…” she gave a sinister sneer, “and are now at my mercy.”

I wonder if that's because they're in Equestria, or if it has anything to do with them using a Fold to get there from the EQG world :trixieshiftright:

Monster Miranda laughed. “Oh, please. In that form, what can you possibly—?”

Give it a moment :moustache:

She didn’t get to finish as the Human Miranda rushed forward and punched her in the gut, sending Monster Miranda flying back several feet, her dropping to her knees, gasping for air.

That, she can do that... and more when she figures out how :trollestia:

Sure, I failed to get to them in time, but we wouldn’t even be having this fight and you’d have already won, had you not blabbered away.”

Yeah, classic second-rate villain mistake :moustache:

Author's Note:

PHEW! Finally, we got to the part I've been looking forward to writing about since i first came up with the idea for this fic.

So, something has blocked the Guardians' connection to the Aurameres, but, surprise twist, somehow, Miranda has given them back there powers, while also gaining a new transformation all her own.

Well current theory is that the Heart of this world made her a Regent or Guardian at some point, probably during the invasion :moustache:

Read it all in one sitting. It has been entertaining if confusing, since I've never seen or read W.I.T.C.H. Will probably have to check that out at some point.

Is she a spider totem from Marvel now? It would make sense since she has the basic spider-man power set. Even a minor spider sense that comes from the whole web of life. With the whole infinite realities thing that's going on the Web that connects the multiverse together would fit and explain some why Miranda is the way she is now.

I'd say the only thing I actually don't like about this story so far is that awkward contraction in the title. Everything happen a bit too fast, but story doesn't seem to suffer from that. Please keep going. XD

And seriously if Runic somehow isn't Grogar and actually not a bad guy I'll applaud to you.

Cadance, Shining Armour (the latter trying to catch a very active Flurry Heart),


The Oracle shakes his head. “It would do no good. The world Miranda’s Heart came from is a dead world.”

...oh :twilightoops:

Oh, this should be good.

I sure hope so :moustache:

Couldn’t Miranda just “give” her power to the guardians, like what Lillian did with her baron’s?

Happy New Year and wonderful way to kick it off! I'm loving the twist thing are taking and the plot is getting quite intriguing on deeper levels, quite excited for how they will get Miranda the good one situated on Earth. Not to mention whether or not can still expect things from the MLP side to come into play as the W.I.T.C.H side starts to really come into play which love by the way.

Hmm also been wondering if should expect anymore crossovers to appear in this fic?

Thats a slipery slop you have there, Oracale. Walk carfuly or you might slip.

While she could remember his name, that was all. The only clue she had was a name that made my blood go cold upon hearing it, The Flash Stone.

So did mine... granted what I know of the Flash Stone is second hand information from another story here on fimfiction :moustache:

No rest, becous the univers is wiked.

I sigh. “I just hope I’m wrong about this Sylla guy and it’s just my nerves getting the better of me.”

Given what eryone has said so far... unlikely :trixieshiftleft:

“That’s not exactly what matters here, Rare,” Rainbow Dash says,

Dash, style matters :raritydespair:

He shrugs. “We have to get back before lunch end and, while I’m not one to talk,they kinda stick out. Not many people in our world have bright orange or lavender skin.”

The man makes a good point :moustache:

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