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[UPDATED] My story was copied and published to Wattpad · 12:08am Oct 14th, 2020

Looks like they took it down thankfully. Maybe they got my message or Wattpad stepped in after I messaged them on Twitter. Either way, I think the issue is resolved! I should really consider uploading to Wattpad. I know this wouldn't prevent other users from potentially copying my work, but at least people can know where and who the original writer is so they can tell if it's copied next time.

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You’ve been quiet for the last five months. Is everything all right?

i'd like to see more of that t&eqg2 chapter

if not, i'll just wait...

I really like your Thomas and Friends/EQG crossovers. I hope you continue the sequel soon.

You know, somebody recently wrote a fimfic featuring an MLP/Thomas crossover with Timothy, the evil ghost train from the creepypasta/fanfiction/fan film by KaneTakerfan701, "Ghost Train: the Untold Story of Timothy." Here is the story:

Ghost Train: The Untold Story of Timothy

I think it would be cool to have something like this occur in the "TaEQG" series. Perhaps it could have Thomas and his friends traveling to Centerlot during Halloween time. Since they've never actually been able to celebrate the holiday the regular way (being trains and all :raritywink:), they could actually enjoy themselves here; dressing up, going to parties and even trick or treating and enjoying candy! However, someone else managed to find the portal to the EQG world- TIMOTHY! And he's eager to use his otherworldly powers to cause chaos in the EQG world on Halloween. So it's up to the Sodor and EQG gang to stop him and either put his spirit to rest or send it to the netherworld.

What do you think? Maybe look up the fan film or read the fanfiction to get familiar. I know it probably wouldn't be ready for Halloween (plus you're already still working on the other stories), but it's something to think about for next year (or even as a late Nightmare Night treat :pinkiehappy:.)

Anyway, you do what you want. Happy early Nightmare Night.

Alright thx for the info 😉

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