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After their defeat, the changelings went back to their home. They lived in depression, but they ended it when they realized there was nothing to do about it. So then the changelings thrived. They created a whole land and lived in peace. Chrysalis was their Celestia. The changelings lived off not love, but real actual food.
Join this land to rise upon all others.

***Roleplay Rules***
I am your queen, Chrysalis.
Please make an OC changeling and submit a comment about them including...
-Changeling Name

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355638 I messaged Eldorodo in regards for that and he says this

18h, 45m ago
Eldorado said:
You're allowed to use groups to organize roleplay, you just have to actually do it somewhere else. You can't RP in group threads or any site functions anymore.

See you organize here and then you do it somewhere else.

>Inb4 Knighty shuts this group down for breaking the site rule of no roleplaying.

Even if changelings are involved.

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