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Call Me Tia

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1654764 don't worry, I believe Celestia is best Princess.

My group, Celestia's Personal Army will show that.

1002968 Greetings, sister.

1532918 I cannot change your mind, but you will learn that you are wrong. The day is filled with brilliant glory, whereas the night shelters all evil. But of course, I cannot blame you. My sister is actually very nice.

What is your favorite holiday?

1375588 Dogs are all wonderful, but the best pet of all is Philomena!

Hi! Do you like dogs or cats? Which breed?

1093138 Hello, thanks for commenting on my page! I really appreciate your kind comment on my avatar (I am quite sure I have never recieved any comments on it before). It is a pleasure to meet you!

This is by far the best account on the site. I saw your profile page/comment/thing on the Art for Fanfiction group and it was excellently executed. Plus that avatar just rocks.

1010943 Thank you very much for letting me know.

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