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Sterling Blade


The Cloudfall Paintball Tournament, the biggest paintball event in Equestria, spanning the entirety of Equestria with everything from intense close to mid-range fighting in urban settings to long ranged engagements over vast fields and incredibly fast paced arial battles between the Pegasi Assault and Support squadrons of each Paintball Faction. Hehehe, and if that's not enough to get you excited, each Faction is lead by one of the princesses, Celestia commanding the Solar Shield, Luna leading the Night Strikers, and Cadence guiding the Crystal Keepers.
Due to the three month long nature of the tournament the competition can get pretty breakneck with some ponies switching factions and others playing a dangerous game of double cross things are sure to not get boring.
Oh silly me, I haven't introduced myself! I'm Hunter, or as most ponies at the Tournament know me as Sterling Blade, I'm pegasus and I've been a member of the Night Stikers for the past five years and I don't plan on changing that anytime soon, now who's side will you choose? Will you join me and Princess Luna as a member of the Night Strikers, or will you join Celestia's Solar Shield or Cadance's Crystal Keepers?
No matter what your choice, I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield. You might just be lucky enough not to get hit to much hehehe!

~1st Lieutenant Hunter "Sterling Blade" Crane in an interview before the 6th annual Cloudfall Paintball Tournament, member of Luna's Night Bringer Squadron and loyal to the Night Strikers

I'll accept OCs for this story, just ask in the comments and I'll PM you about it more specifically and we can figure things out.

The current cover art is a filler until I can make a real one, if you own or know who owns the image and wish for me to take it off I will do so.

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Comments ( 58 )

sounds fun I'll tag along

2935946 glad to have you along for the ride my friend :raritystarry::moustache:

2936656 can unicorns join in? if so, i call sniper on the strikers! <could you write me in i'll PM you what you want.>

2937905 every faction is always looking for fighters, I'll see what I can do

2937512 rest assured there will be more, just gotta motivate myself to do the next chapter and that means binging YouTube for music and rocking out to some Vinyl Scratch, Living Tombstone, and AC/DC

Oh my, I can totally see an advertisement type video on YouTube about this, I would love to be part of the fight. Just type of stuff is a love and hate thing, love the story and getting me hooked:pinkiehappy:, and hate not having it complete:fluttercry:, even better took be excited for something great right.:twilightsmile:

2942809 always better to be excited about something great, believe it or not I actually wrote this after two days of loud music and only an hour of sleep, and it actually started as just the faction bio at the end of the chapter! :twilightsheepish:

anyway you want to be a part of the fight huh? I'll PM ya and we can begin with working things out :raritystarry:

Sweet thanks for including me:pinkiehappy: should I give you my oc name

2942931 we'll discuss it in the PM :pinkiesmile:

So is it 2 again 1 Celestia and Candence versus Luna?

3018031 yes, but Luna's base being located in and above the Everfree at least gives the Night Strikers a starting advantage of being hard to access. Part of why Luna's faction has only won once in the past five tournaments this being the sixth. Celestia and Cadance have their work cut out for them this time around :twilightsmile:

i would like to submit an oc

Ahh okay, now picturing them using giant paint bombardment cannons. :derpytongue2:

Two OC's to enter please!


I definitely will read this! Paintball!!!!!!! I LOVE paintball!!!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

3021551 send a PM with some basic details and we'll work from there

3021637 same thing as What I told Bronyhood of steel

3025767 glad to hear it :pinkiesmile:

Sounds pretty family friendly. Well, sorta. So when can I sign up?

3049811 glad you asked, and for the most part, yes it will be. I'll PM you and we can work out the sign up and everything that it entails

Sign me up as a sniper for the night strikers. if that's alright with you.:yay:

3069226 hehehe now the NS has two snipers good. I'll PM you and you can give me the details.

I may have an oc ready for action.

I truly want to see how my OC fares with the battle soon. I would help you write, if you wanted, just to speed up the story. Send me a PM if anything troublesome comes up.

3723940 because Simmons is a higher rank than you, and he's in the infirmary!

Spartans reporting for duty, still choosing faction and regiment..... Report will be sent by January 11th and no later.


3725467 then consider my time now devoted to faction bios... I'll have them out within a few days

3725622 when is the next update? Also, are you gonna do character bios? Cause, if you are, I'm interested in how you will interpret my OC's. Another thing, do you have any dialogue of my characters? If you do, could you PM me so I can look at it?

3763358 I'm setting a rough update order at the moment. right now Hair Trigger is on the update roster, and after that gets updated I'll focus on updating this one again(with the next part of the minichapter which actually might become a whole series of character interviews and such that will be dispersed throughout the story.) and unfortunately I haven't worked any dialogue for your OC yet but the moment I do I'll run it by you.

3763370 ok, sweet. Also, I could be on the prereader and editorial team? On a different note, you play world of tanks?

3763385 For Cloudfall, yes. I don't have anything up on GoogleDocs for Cloudfall as I did all of the work on it so far on my iPad with some cursory prereading by some of my irl friends so an actual pre-reader/editor joining the Cloudfall project.

3763370 If the mini chapter gets dispersed into multible character interview mini-chapters... I CALL DIBS ON THE FIRST O.C ONE WITH THE ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE! :pinkiehappy:

Any room for a Pegasus sniper on the Night Strikers? I'd really like to, this seems like it's going to be really cool. Just tell me if I can and I'll email you my OC name.

I know I just asked if you would put in my OC, but are you still accepting OCs?

3957814 yes, I am. Send it in the standard character sheet format if at all possible, makes things easier on me. Keep in mind that I may be unable to respond between this point and 2:42 P.M. CST due to schedule restrictions(e.g. The dreaded High School.)

it will also likely be at the very earliest next month before this is updated as a heads up :twilightoops: mainly because I try and update one fic at a time and I currently have two on my plate.

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