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Have you ever felt torn between two sides.
You know like as in torn between your opinion and family's opinion.
For example the Mikel brown shooting I believe in both sides that the cop was in the wrong and deserved jail but at the same time believe the actions of the young man were indecent and unnecessary.
Now if you felt the erg to argue with this clam I have made do not join this group.

This group is for those who feel they can not agrue with any side what so ever, they want to be on one side but also the other as well. Other wise know as Divergent.

This group will have weekly posts with quotes ether i have made myself or have been seen in google search.
Anyone is welcome to post a thred about whatever they like to wether its quotes or just want suport i will do my best to comment on all my thred's.

-No calling out anyone in a blog post if you wish to say something about someone make it indirect or say he or she to protect privisy.
-No arguments are to be started in threds if a discussion is wished to be spoken take it to PMing.
-If there is a problem with anyone or a thred i or the admins will lock the thred and have a discussion with the person, pleas do not try and solve a problem on a thred.
-3 banes will be the only warnings you get if you have disobeyed rules i have listed more than 3 times you will be permanently banned from the group.
-DO NOT post private PM's unless given permition from the other end, failure to do so will lead to an automatic ban.

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