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This forum is for discussion of the questions posed in The Protagonist, and for discussion of that story in general. Any ideas are welcome. Please be respectful of everyone else, and try to keep it to the rating of The Protagonist itself.

Link to the Compiler’s Cheat-Sheet, a repository for the leading ideas.

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I’m honestly meh on it, but feel free to do it yourself.

I'm responding to this comment so I can get someone's attention. Should we create a separate thread to talk about if we're going to continue this story. My personal opinion is yes.

I’ll add concrete information for now (i:e the stuff in published chapters). I’m getting a bit burned out, but I’ll head to bed and add the rest tomorrow.

Might want to list everything we've already discussed in each forum's respective first comment, Omni. Just as reminders.

Can someone please explain how these discord groups work?

Hello, I suggest we remind new members of discussed ideas to limit confusion.

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