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The world is vast, varied, and bigger than anyone knows. Even me. I don't know very much. That's because... well, this world doesn't have a lot of things it really should have. Like a backstory. A plan. A protagonist.

Perhaps your comments can provide a protagonist? ...Maybe. Who knows, your influence on this world could be larger than you could ever imagine...

[Tags will be added as this unpredictable story progresses]

-GM, master of the Influence.

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The protagonist.

As if there is ever only one.

But let us create the core face nonetheless. A realm of cold, with one familiar who has suffered. Into this, it is presumed, our first wanderer shall emerge.

The story calls for the world to need them, and for them to need the world, does it not? Let us grant them a single spark, one that shall light fires that reforge this realm. Not quite curiosity, not one burgeoning and burdened with endless questions, that is not what the world needs. No... wonder. A sense of wonder, wherever our first wanderer looks. Wonder leads to exploration, like curiosity, but also... attachment. A wish for the wondrous to continue... to grow. Wonder shall be the core of the slumbering one.

And with every blessing, a curse. Such awe will lead to hesitation at crucial moments. Not enough to guarantee failures, but enough to allow them.

As to the flesh, I have thoughts akin. Yet I believe I shall let the others called set forth their ideals first... tediously generic as they may be.

If it’s a skeleton of a story, why not roll with that? The Protagonist is a unicorn’s animated skeleton.

he should be a stand user, that's all i can say

I'm thinking the protagonist is a changeling queen named Illumina who is trying to help her friends of several different species out of a fair sized conflict of some sort.


Well, I bet everyone's going to have their own ideas of who the protagonist should be.

And that's who he/she/they/xe/be will be! All of them at the same time! Not exactly a Frankenstein's monster of characters; more like all of them partially out of phase with reality, occupying the same space at the same time.

Actually, no, better idea. The protagonist is a blank-faced pony with a whole bunch of characters (our suggestions) fighting over the controls, and has the combined abilities of everyone with listed abilities. Kinda like, uh... that movie with emotions being characters in some girl's head.

A return to Yiyxa? Or did this Pinkie never arrive here before? Or it could be somewhere different. Or, or, or...

A matter for another time. The Protagonist is our concern at the moment. Emphasis on "our." We've been warned, people. A failure to cooperate could do most unpleasant things to the organ systems of this story, and those of you who have read Homestuck know that universes don't like cancer any more than any other organism.

Given that, probably best to make the Protagonist something we're all familiar with, tempting though it may be to suggest options that even GM doesn't know. And given that, a pony might be our best bet. A pegasus perhaps. After all, if they are going to interact with Pinkie, they may need to get her out of that crevasse.

Though that assumes they are going to meet with her. She could just be observing our work and offering commentary. Though I would like to see her rescued, or at least warm and safe.

interior exterior i believe it was called

Alicorn from another world.

Someone had to say it

The protagonist is a human female, with the name Alex. They have long flowing ginger hair and seemingly unusual pale skin. They stand at 6ft 1 and have two bright piercing blue eyes that analyze every inch of the world. They are also deathly afraid of spiders.

Hunh... well, that's a way to kick off a story. Color me intrigued.

In all seriousness, I can't think of a protagonist yet... but I could possibly think of a few things that said protagonist might need. I'll put it in spoilers just to be on the safe side

Given the possibility that this looks to be a version of Equestria that's not exactly so warm and friendly from the opening chapter, perhaps our protagonist would need some experience when it comes to survival out in a world that's cold, unforgiving and potentially hostile?

Like I said, I can only think of details, but I'll leave the character creation to anypony else who wants to take a shot at it.

Looks like you might need a reminder that working together is a good idea.

We got almost a dozen comments inside ten minutes. I don't think most of us realize there are other suggestions to work with. It looked empty when I submitted mine.

9727422 9727423 9727425 9727426 9727427 9727430 9727432 9727436 9727418

I’m going to try and add a little organization, as fruitless as it may be. Everyone, if you would, please upvote the ideas you like and downvote the ones you don’t. That way, when all is said and done and everyone’s said their piece, we can take the ideas that people liked and the ideas that people didn’t, find the middle ground between those, and create one cohesive answer that doesn’t break everything. Sorry for pinging everyone, but I feel it may be necessary, as FoME said below.

We will need to work together to create a protagonist... I feel this may be an impossoble task, as I suspect it'll look like someone going through a character creation screen for over five hours, scaring the eyes out of any nearby NPC.

... I uh hope that doesn't actually happen.

Well, first off I suggest we advoid accedently making a Mary Sue, none of us want that....



These I find intriguing. Let us combine the ideals.

A spirit who inhabits bones. One that can add the bones they find to their form, remove them, change their arrangement, yet always remain bones. They shall awaken simply as the skeleton of a unicorn, yet find themselves quickly obtaining remnants beyond that.

As to the possibility of conflict, it would serve well for one whose core is wonder to seek greater wonder through harmony. Even if their form, perhaps, is disturbing to those of flesh about them.


A suggestion of power undefined and of simplicity defined well. I say these should not be our slumberer, so basic as they are... but as I have said before, there is never but one protagonist. Let us mark them as the first friends they encounter in this new world.

Besides the pink one, whom I expect is only here to alert us. She should be inconvenienced soon.


Ah. Simplicity has its appeal, I see. But how would the simple be needed by the world?


True it may be that our first wanderer needs skills to survive. Perhaps... fortune. Only for a time, to find that which they need and learn what must be learned for survival. Every game requires preparation, after all.


Feh, as you request. A gambit of such may require choice, after all.

The shape, the shape can be anything? If so, then-
Thank you, Greyscale... Yes we suggest this one be a Flat, but a Flat whom is unable to fully recall the use of Flat physics, in order to make them not as overpowered as Burgerbelle, yet they shall slowly gain knowledge of the use of said Flat physics.
We are not under the illusion that all will agree, so we shall be patient and see what others think about this idea.

A good suggestion.

We would have to think of what the stand should be. This could be the choice of a later chapter though.

I see some of us have already decided to speak as characters instead of themselves.

Just... take it in moderation, okay? Last time we were interacting with a story, we had a real problem with fictional speakers that contributed to nearly driving the protagonist insane. Of course, that time we were only talking to her, instead of controlling her...

Not that I'm discounting the validity of the existence of those speaking, please don't take it the wrong way. Consider it a warning to your... scribes? There might be a better term.

should we go for a music reference? i feel that's cliche, so i suggest (if we go with this idea) we perhaps name it after gods from various mythologies just to spice things up a bit.

Preparation is key and fortune may be a part of it, but one additional thing that must be taken into consideration is patience. Everything is a learning process and like you said before, every game requires preparation... and sometimes, you need to put the time and patience into that preparation for it to fully pay off

For naming after mythological god/goddesses, I believe we should narrow down to a chosen set so that we don’t have too many choices to clutter our thought process.
Would Greek and Norse mythologies be a good start for the list?

id say that's a good place to start

Most people here ask for a pony, and that is reasonable, a changeling queen, that is a can of worms, something had to happen for our protagonist to be in a bed underground, so I could assume that our protagonist was summoned just after death, or sealed away for some reason, and there is an entity behind this, mmmm, normally I would suggest it to be a twilight or a snow drop, but considering the location and importance, I'll go for a king Sombra, not the evil version though, I'll go for the stallion, a crystal pony that got corrupted, becoming the king, and then defeated, the original surviving and transported there for one day to live again, with bad memories and the need to survive and live again once more, he still got his crystal horn, that gives him more power than normal, but use in moderation to avoid the horn get a hold of him, he regrets the past and wants to form a new life, but he first needs to confront his actions from the past before moving forward, time has past, about 1000 years, so things are different, fortunately Pinky will help, and sombra will help her in return.

Voltaje #26 · Last Friday · · 4 ·

I voted for a Sombra post corruption, meaning, he was defeated 1000 for good, but the original pony, which was corrupted, survived and was left dormat until Pinky found it, what do you think?

That... might be something. Perhaps he has no memory of what happened or of his life before?

Another good place to go from there is to know what the stand can do, as this may influence the way in which it is named and used by our protagonist.

I vote for pegasus stand user.

The stand? 「Eruption」

Stand User: Band Hailing

I wonder if we should have a discord for this, just to organize this clustertruck a bit.

I just wanted to cast my vote - out loud - for the pony unicorn with the sense of wonder that Masterweaver has described. The skeleton part is optional.

I neither support nor vote against them having a stand. If yes, do they know they have the stand and/or how they have it? A mysterious power would work well with the amnesia that I'm pretty sure someone else suggested - stand or otherwise.

So with this stand ability does that mean that the MC is going to be human? Everyone seams in agreement about the stand power, by the way I'm throwing in my vote for either Greek or Norse Mythology. Been doing research on both for ten year's now for my own book. I can safely say that anyone of them will make a great stand. My votes for the stand go as follows, Ares, or Fenrir. That is all for now. P.S. if you need any info on the mythologies involved ask away.

I am saddened that I lack the patience to act as my name commands me. That there are those willing to engage with the prompt in-character despite the meta nature of the story, and I am not among them. Suffice to say, there once was a man named Jacob Burroughs, and a story that is but a manifestation of its own Authors' conflicts... I cannot reconcile these disparate parts, yet it must be possible.

This is not a contribution to the Protagonist. This a contribution to the Story. This is a contribution to the World, but I repeat myself. No such distinction exists.

(I know this is so Meta that it borders on Meta Calibur, I just assumed that that's where this was going)

(Galaxia Darkness was hot trash, and deliberately so because his balancing factor was supposed to be an inability to deal with items well, which is why he ended up broken in competitive play events that disable them)

I like the idea of this (I've never before been lucky enough to catch an interactive story at its conception), but working together is certainly confusing. Between having to keep refreshing the page to see new comments and several people writing in riddles, I have no idea where we currently stand, but I'll try.

I have no opinion on the protagonist having a stand. I've never seen jojo but I know it's basically like having a pokemon except it looks like a person and lives inside you.

I like the boneswapping skeleton idea as it should give us some adaptability down the line.

I'll also submit the (hopefully new) idea of there being some sort of initial language/communication barrier between protag and Pinkie (or whoever they end up actually meeting in person).

Comment posted by wizard0209 deleted Last Friday

how about they be slightly Aware, like around Minna's level

UC #38 · Last Friday · · 3 ·

The Protagonist of the Multiverse is The Protagonist of ALL stories.
I think they should be connected to multiple mediums of stories, or become connected to them in the future.
For example, our protagonist could be an amateur composer, converting prose to music. Or a friend to an inventor of television in his world. Or maybe he has a power to animate pictures, Potterverse-style. Perhaps he travels universes based on sources of different media. Perhaps he is an inspiration to multiple Prophets.
It's a small and vague request that can be worked into any concept. It's also very thematic, I think.


I'll also submit the (hopefully new) idea of there being some sort of initial language/communication barrier between protag and Pinkie (or whoever they end up actually meeting in person).

A communication barrier could work well, as it has been done before. but it may need to be tailored to the race of The Protagonist, as a language barrier may not seem to work as well for a Pony unless they were from a sufficiently different universe or an old enough time (speaking Old Ponish for example) so if we choose a pony then it may need to be loss of voice or something similar instead.

I’ll... refrain from participating in this first question, seems like a hotbed already starting to boil. Regardless, this is an ambitious project and I look forward to seeing where it goes.

9727522 9727530 9727537 9727546 9727513 9727498 9727492 9727488 9727484 9727465 9727454 9727448 9727442

Oh boy, here I go pinging (almost) everyone again.
Yeah, uh, hi. Sorry. I won’t be making a habit of always replying to all every chapter, I just feel It’s good to get the rules sorted out from the get-go.
So, we’ve had a lot of suggestions, many of them contradictory. That’s fine, I’m sure there’s a way to compromise. Let’s lay them out, shall we?
The Protagonist Is:
filled with wonder and hesitation (Masterweaver, 7 upvotes)
a unicorn skeleton (me, 1 upvote)
a Stand user (CorporalRegicide, 5 upvotes)
a Changeling Queen trying to help her friends (prism heart, 2 upvotes 2 downvotes)
named Zoosmell Pooplord (NuclearPixelemental, 6 upvotes 1 downvote)
every option fighting over a blank slate of a body (Ponygood11, 1 downvote)
a pegasus pony (FanOfMostEverything, 4 upvotes 1 downvote)
an alicorn from another world (VoidTemplar2000,1 upvote 3 downvotes)
a human female named Alex (The Amusmentist, 2 upvotes 3 downvotes)
experienced with survival situations (FrostTheWolf, 4 upvotes)
NOT a Mary Sue (Code22, 4 upvotes)
a Flat (Golden_Reflection, 1 upvote 5 downvotes)
a good Sombra with no memory (Voltaje, 6 downvotes)
slightly aware (wizard0209, no votes)

Whew, that’s a good lot. A few comments were no doubt made while I was typing that, so I’ve missed some, but that’s the good majority. So, now let’s look into compromise options.

Our name will no doubt be Zoosmell Pooplord, if the votes have anything to say about it. The modular skeleton option I like a lot. It gives many options for adaptability, and lets us combine a lot of options. The alicorn from another world and the human named Alex being our first companions is also an idea I like. Flat and Sombra will have to be discarded, as the votes will it and it is incompatible. Though we can take a bit of the Sombra idea in making our protagonist an amnesiac. They will be a Stand User according to the votes as well. (though guys? I feel we should chill out on names until we discuss what it’s powers actually are.) Our protagonist is experienced in survival situations as well, though with the amnesia idea it’ll probably be reduced to well-tuned muscle memory and instinct.

That’s all I’ve got so far, but discussion is still open. What do you think?

okay, here's my vote

I like the idea of the skeleton unicorn. No one else seems decisive on a gender so I'm going to say female. A Stand and the bone swapping thing are great ideas, as well as the amnesia that means she likely wont even know she has them initially. A communication barrier could stem from the fact she is a skeleton and cant speak? That would get around the translation spell Pinky has.

Twilence: Hey, I have a character that doesn't exist.

Everyone:I t's f r e e r e a l e s t a t e.

Everyone else is doing the color thing, hmm...

I see a lot of very complicated concepts, or uber specific ones. Maybe it’d be best to hold off on backstories for now.

Adding onto that, perhaps get away from the “Super vital to the multiverse type of protagonist.” I think the best types of prompts here have been the simple, like the skeleton, or language barrier.

Comment posted by wizard0209 deleted Last Friday

> Try again, smartass.

UC #48 · Last Friday · · 6 ·

>Your name is still ZOOSMELL POOPLORD.


I understand the reference in the ascribed name, but do recall that names are the beginning of identity. To saddle our first wanderer with something so... brusque, is to influence the journey from henceforth. Perhaps something more pertinent... One who will find and know that lost to them and to the world. A searcher for mysteries. Sigrún, I believe, should work well.

As to the gender, ascribing such seems superfluous unless it has import to the story. Nevertheless, if we must limit ourselves to the standard spectrum, I would not be opposed to feminine leanings for our first wanderer.

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