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I am just a brony who has many talents and will like to share some of them with the fandom I love.

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Is it bad I never knew final Fantasy 7 on PC? · 4:15am 6 days ago

So I have always wanted to play Final Fantasy 7 but didn't have any console that could support it or so I thought until I found out you can buy it on Steam for the PC. I really wonder if it is bad I never noticed and the only reason I can say I never noticed about Final Fantasy being on PC is because Everyone always told me that the main Final Fantasy games was a PlayStation exclusive and that no other system had it but then on a hopeful thought I looked it up on my internet browser and found

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I have to lock mine ... there's this really big one outside of it every night, I hear it's every great labored farts ... I can't let it in ... it will kill me ... if I don't say talks for the follow ... hopeful it goes away ...

A Discord dilemma

So any story in particular that got your attention?

Ok then! Thanks for your support then!

Thanks I'm glad you like them

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