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In the process of banging my head against the walls.

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Dash32.EXE has stopped working. Please restart and try again.


This bunch of randomness better get more views by the next time I read this.

This was literally one of the best things I've read. Yes, it is. No I DON'T have a sad life, this story was just awesome. I feel just like this sometimes :rainbowlaugh:

The only mistake I noticed was

Scootaloo coughed, covering her moth with her hoof.

But I'm not good at noticing stuff like grammar and spelling mistakes if I don't really try.

You've earned a up vote, favorite and watch! I'll definetly be checking out some of your other works! This made my day is much better :raritywink:

I'm pretty sure that was on purpose

What in the name of King Gregory the 15th's purple spotted disco pants did I just read? :unsuresweetie:

Meh, take a like.

I'll read this a few hundred more times by then, m'kay? :rainbowlaugh:

That happened. Yep. Have a like.

This was hilarious!

“Well, do you have and rope?”

This is the only porblem I can see.

That was by far the longest 2000 words I have ever read

7805885 That isn't even a grammar error. It's a spelling error.

This was great. Absolute art. Best story here 10/10

7805850 I need the new dash33 computer.

7807057 this browser does not support the item you are trying to access.

7807310 ok to the computer store. Meanwhile

Force Reboot and reset data

7807311 warning: data has been corrupted.

7807317 force reboot and play Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows

7807320 access denied.

7807328 access denied

7807329 activate access hack: fluttershy stare

7807348 invalid response

7807375 ok...

*brings out mallet*

*smashes computer*

7807390 Invalid response. Warning: potential hostility detected.

7807403 Attack mode initiated: Unlocks a tazer


Oh shoot.

*gives computer to 7806665 and buys a new one*

That was the strangest two minutes I have spent for many years.

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