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While planning an after school activity, Sunset Shimmer’s day is interrupted by the arrival of Babs Seed who’s in a mess of trouble. With no one else to turn to, Babs Seed comes to her for help especially when the police are involved. And against her better judgment, Sunset Shimmer steps up to lend a helping hand. Expect crazy shenanigans to ensue.

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While this may look like something out of a sitcom to some viewers, it is again this one awkward moment in life when some kid lands herself in trouble, intentional or not, and of course she needs help from someone to clean up her mess. And sure enough, in this case Babs somehow convinced Sunset Shimmer to play the part of her quote-on-quote 'mother' so to speak, just to attempt to get Babs off easy with the police. Of course, to be fair, Sunset Shimmer was not Babs' first choice overall. She hoped to get help from Applejack, being that she's somewhat related to her along the 'Apple Family Tree' so to speak. But since she's not around and Babs was really desperate, Sunset Shimmer was the one she turned to whether she was willing to go for it or not.

I could feel how uncomfortable and humiliating this must be for Sunset Shimmer, especially when she's put in some awkward scenarios that make even the police officer uncomfortable (Poor guy just doing his job, bet this was the last thing he expected). Still, all things somehow turn out well and good. At the end of the day, it could've gone a whole lot worse for both Sunset and Babs. Overall, this story did offer a couple good laughs and given recent turn of events, we can all use something funny to turn to once in a while.

I would watch it if it was a sitcom episode

For some reason, this almost reminds me of that 'That's So Raven' episode when Raven disguised herself as her mother when she was trying to get out of some trouble at school.

10300853 Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if this was a skit somewhere

I'm guessing it was Sunsets' car.

10301017 A author never reveals their secrets ;3

Yeah, story is nice and all that...
But these absolutely useless scissors in the cover art....
They just make me want to commit a war crime.
You can't close them!

On the cover art. These scissors with apples as finger rings (on the right of sunset's mark).
Blades are open and can't be closed as finger rings are touching each other already thus defeating the purpose of scissors...

They are a scissors. Right? It isn't me misinterpreting it?

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