• Published 7th Oct 2017
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Equestrian Swordsman - PrincessMoonzilla

[Displaced] Name's Roronoa Zoro, and I apparently frighten the two sisters bad enough that they send a bunch of civilians at me. Yay?

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Ch 1: Rise of a Swordsman

Chapter 1: Rise of a Swordsman

One good thing about being in stone is obviously all of the napping time.

I mean, really. A thousand years of unadulterated sleep is more than what any college student could ever want! Well, that and no debt.

Anyways, I'm getting off track here.

Name’s Roronoa Zoro, or the Green Demon, as the local populace had come to know me as. I refer to myself as the World’s Greatest Swordsman though, mostly because no one has beaten me in a sword fight. Plus, it's much more badass in my opinion.

Now, obviously, it's not my real name. However, it fit my current ordeal and it’s kind of lived with me since.

Now as for the reason I'm in anthro pretty pony princess land, Comicon. No explanation needed, am I right? Anyways, bought Zoro earrings from a dude aptly dubbed ‘the Merchant’ and bing bada boom, here is me.

Now the stone part, well, you can't really expect a teenager to successfully control post-time skip Zoro’s raw power, can you? Well, some pony princesses got the wrong idea from a stupid incident and decided to blast me with a rainbow laser gun.

Now, cool thing about being the Pirate Hunter, I've got haki, so that's awesome as hell. And due to a need to keep myself entertained, I've trained up my Observation Haki to almost overpowered levels, being able to sense every living thing and what actions they’ll take in the entire city and then some.

Not much to do with Armament Haki at the moment, but my Conqueror's Haki is good enough that I can knock a child unconscious from across the city if they’ve got a nightmare or a gang of thugs that are attacking a helpless bystander. Guards are always trying to figure that one out.

Well, enough monologuing, because it was in front of me. And by it, I don't mean the clown. Maybe. Does he count as a clown?

“Such a waste of good potential,” Discord said. “Lets see what kind of chaos you can make, hmm?” Well that sounded cryptic as hell and I seE THE GROUND INCOMING!!!

I fell unceremoniously onto my face, my swords falling to my side. Hey, at least I'm not stoned anymore! And that just came out wrong.


“Wake up sleepy head,” he cooed at me. “There be chaos to spread!”

“No, too tired…” I mumbled through my grassy mask. You just don't wake someone up from a nap and expect them to automatically do a favor you.

“But you just woke up from a stone nap?”

“So?” Point still stands, pal.

“But you've been set free by me, bound to be in my debt! Isn't that how a samurai works!”

“Yes to the first, no to the second, and I prefer the term ronin, to be honest.”

“Why did I release you again?”

“Because you have an unhealthy need to constantly entertain yourself no matter what it comes from, be it angering a goddess, waking up a convict or even testing the sanity of a kazoo.”

“Oh I think we’ll get along just fine! Anyhoo, I'm gonna mess with the minds of childish, naive girls, you in?”

I stood up to look at the amalgamation, popping my neck. Why does he look like he came from Alice’s LSD endused dream?

“Nah, I'm just gonna go do my own thing for a while.” With that, I turn and leave Discord. I swear I heard him mumbling something about an ingrateful moss.

Well, might as well start wandering around. Now, I luckily still have my sense of direction, not Zoro’s, so I won’t get lost as easily. Maybe. Probably so, what with all of the chaos magic around. Ah well, I’ll just use Observation Haki to sense if anyone’s getting near me.

I immediately felt an entire platoon near my left. I grinned almost sadisticly.

“You boys ready,” I asked my swords. I could feel all three say yes to their master.

===[3rd POV]===

It was a hectic day for Shining Armor to say the least. First off, he gets word that Discord, who ran amuck thousands of years ago, has now returned. And now the Princess had simply ordered him to protect the castle instead of hunting down the draconequus.

“Don't worry, Captain,” one of the guards told him. “I'm sure the Princesses know exactly what they’re doing.”

Shining sighed, thanking the guard for his optimism. It was true that the Princesses could’ve taken care of the threat in the past, but Celestia’s been in peace times for a thousand years and Luna was…

Anyway, he just thought that they were too trusting of Twilight and her friends. Sure they beat Nightmare Moon, but his Twily was a bookworm, not exactly used to the strain that the Princesses or, heck, even the guard could've taken care off.

Sadly that moment was interrupted by a creature covered in green. With three sheathed swords.

“Oi,” it shouted. “Which way is out? I'm kind of lost.”

All guards got their weapons ready, Shining Armor prepping his shield spell.

“Who are you, creature?”

The being simply chuckled. “My name is Roronoa Zoro, the World’s Greatest Swordsman!”

“Greatest Swordsman? Then let's see if you can cut this, Roronoa!” A violet bubble surrounded him, making some of the ponies to calm down a little. It was known throughout Equestria how Shining’s shield once contained an elder dragon for hours, or how it could stretch to cover all of Canterlot for weeks if need be. Nothing could-

“It's Zoro.”


“My name. It’s Zoro.”

“But you told us your name is Roronoa Zoro.”

“It is.”

“So your name is Roronoa?”

“No, it's not.”

“But you just confirmed we got your name right?”

“Okay, cultural difference here,” Zoro stated, raising his hands. “My family name comes before my individual name. Therefore, while my full name is Roronoa Zoro, I'm referred to commonly as Zoro.”

“This is way too stupid to fight over,” a random guard said. “Let's just contain him and wait for the Princesses after this whole debacle is over.”

“Well said,” Zoro agreed, pulling out Wado Ichimonji. “But the hard part is keeping my in this.”

“Ha,” Shining laughed. “My special talent helps improve my shield spells, making them some of the strongest in Equestria. What makes you think you can get out?”

Murphy’s law had just been evoked.

One Sword Style: 360 Pound Phoenix!” With that, a large beam of air sliced through the shield and injuring multiple guards. Zoro stood there with a bored look on his face. “That the best you got?”

Shining simply stood in shock. His shield was broken in one attack, and due to the nature of his spell, he sensed no magic. That meant he just broke it with brute force! His herbivore instincts told him to run, run away from this monster. But he pushed on. He’s fought many creatures bigger than this, and emerged victorious.

Summoning his spectral weapons, two cutlasses, he grasped at them tightly before adopting a fighting stance. “This isn't my first fight, Zoro…”

“Then let's pray it won't be your last.”

At that, was the hardest battle that the captain ever went through. Every slice of his was either dodged, blocked or just plain ignored. And not once did the creature attack.

“This the best you’ve got,” Zoro asked, slightly annoyed. “You've got potential, but there are problems. First off, you’re too stiff. Try being a bit more relaxed and fluid. And just because you've got two swords doesn't mean you can only attack. Try using one to create an opening then strike.”

Is… is he instructing me on my swordsmanship?

The stallion shook his head, clearing his mind and testing out the advice that Zoro had given him. He did notice a slight improvement, but not enough to hit the Swordsman.

With a simple flick of his wrist, Zoro disarmed Shining and pointed the tip of Wado Ichimonji at the unicorn’s throat.

“You lose.” A second later left a gash running across Shining’s muzzle, most likely leaving a scar for the future.

The guard fell to his knees. Everypony around him were petrified from fear that they may have to fight the monster. Most of them ended up fainting.

And the Green Demon was gone.

===[Zoro’s POV]===

“Damn that was tedious,” I said aloud. Honestly, if Celestia wanted to protect her subjects, at least try to train them properly when it comes to combat. But I am severely overpowered in this world when it came to melee combat, so I can't really tell if they’re actually good…

I have to admit, though, he was faster than what I gave him credit for. But I was leagues above him, and even without my haki, it would've been easy to see where he would attack.

Now, I'm not an asshole, nor do I want to be turned back into a lawn ornament, so I was escaping Canterlot and avoiding Sun Butt.

How, you ask? Why, by running off the mountain, of course!

No, I'm being serious. I am quite literally running down the side of a mountain. Even scared a few eagles.

Now that I wasn't in immediate danger of petrification 2.0, I needed a place to lay low for a while. And I knew just the place.

Isolated, not easily accessible, and was ironic as hell. Yep, I'm going to the Everfree Castle.

If it's not inhabited. If not I'll just go up to that old cave on top of a mountain.

You know, now that I think about it, the mountains here are super random. Like, there should be a constant chain of them but nope, random barren mountain smack dab in the middle of a lush forest.

Wait a moment, am I using logic in a world full of magical horse people whose rulers move the Sun and Moon and have a magic super weapon that can turn others into stone? And to add icing to the cake, I was turned into a character from One Piece and sent here just for buying earrings. Shit makes about as much sense as a desert island in the middle of the ocean.

“Why is this my life,” I asked as I finally landed on somewhat even ground. “Oh well, no use complaining about things you’ve got no power over.”

With that said, I rushed towards the Everfree Forest.

===[3rd POV]===

Celestia smiled at Twilight and her friends.

Twilight was wearing her usual outfit, a white button up shirt and a dark purple skirt, her cutie mark emblazoned on it.

Rarity was stunning as always, turning a simple light blue dress into an instant paragon of beauty and grace.

Applejack was significantly less formal, wearing jeans and a flannel shirt.

Rainbow was wearing some sporty outfit underneath a bomber jacket made of hydra leather.

Fluttershy, poor girl, was wearing a baggy pink turtleneck with baggy pants. It didn't do much to hide her voluptuous curves.

Finally, Pinkie was Pinkie. Not much to say there.

While it was a difficult endeavor, they all overcame Discord’s mind games and defeated him. The hall was filled with some of the most influential in Equestria.

And the Solar Princess was proud of them bringing back Harmony to Equestria.

“We are gathered here today to acknowledge the bravery and heroism of these-”


All eyes turned to an incoming trio of guards, being led by a certain unicorn. All knelt before the princess and the Element Bearers.

“Your highness, there’s a problem.”

“Calm down,” she said. “Now, tell me what’s so urgent, Shining Armor.”

“Princess, another creature was released while Discord ran free,” he stated, staring at the ground. “It looked like a hairless ape, only green hair on the top of it’s head, wore a green kimono, a scar across his left eye, and carried three Neighponese style swords.”

The Sun Goddess’ blood ran cold when hearing the description.


Fifteen hundred years ago, Zoro was a frightful enemy, able to take out whole armies with just it’s willpower. Not to mention that he was a fierce warrior, capable of creating miniature tornadoes with his blades. It was said that the only safe place on a battlefield was on his side.

It was just a stroke of luck when the two sisters found him in a vulnerable state.

Twilight gasped when she noticed the gash across her BBBFF’s face.

“Shiny, what happened to you!”

“Wait, ya know ‘im,” AJ asked.

“He’s my brother,” the lavender unicorn replied quietly, as if not wanting to disturb what he would say.

“I…,” he started. “I wasn't even good enough to leave a scratch on him. It was like he knew my movements before I did.” Most were speechless. Captain Shining Armor was considered one of the best in terms of combat, easily going against many minotaurs.

“It alright, Shining Armor,” the princess told him, putting a hand on his shoulder. “Even my sister and I had problems with him in the past. But fear not, he will be subdued again. Go retrieve Princess Luna and inform her to meet us in the Hall of Stories.”

Turning to the Element Bearers, she adorned a steely look. “Girls, it time you learned about your new enemy. Follow me.”


In the Badlands, there wasn't much to look at other than sand or the occasional rock. It was hot as the sun beat down on the dead land, no clouds to give cover.

Nothing exciting really ever happens here.

Maybe that was why a rift opened up.

The rift spat out two figures before closing up for good.

One was, undoubtedly, female. Raven hair fell down to her mid-back, held back by a pair of shades. Her outfit was questionable. A long salmon sari-like skirt with a partially-zipped navy blue leather vest with a V-neck. It seemed like what one would wear to the beach. Blue eyes opened to look at the unfamiliar surroundings.

The second was a tad strange. A tall skeleton wearing a colorful pair of pants, a good coat, a feather boa, and an extravagant hat. Close to him was a bright purple cane.

“D-Dad,” the girl said to the skeleton. “Where are we?”

“I don't know, sweetie,” he told her. “I really don't know.”

Author's Note:

Dear Lord! Such Trash, much cringe!
On a serious note, I'm terrible at starting off stories, so I apologize if anyone didn't like the way I write, I promise that it will get better.

Side Note: Who could those two be I wonder? Well, be prepared to wait like you do for the actual anime and/or manga! MWAHAHA!!!