• Published 7th Oct 2017
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Equestrian Swordsman - PrincessMoonzilla

[Displaced] Name's Roronoa Zoro, and I apparently frighten the two sisters bad enough that they send a bunch of civilians at me. Yay?

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Prologue: Swordsman's War

Prologue: Swordsman’s War

It was a bright morning, a good start to a spring day if there ever was one. Perfect conditions for any sort of activity one could think of.

It was a shame that it would be witnessed in a battlefield.

The United Equus Force stood in wait of their opponent. Ponies, zebras, griffins, minotaurs, and diamond dogs stood side by side for the first time in history. No species were belittling another, nor threatening each other. All of them were united, brothers and sisters in arms on this warm morning. All readied with armor, weapons, or magic, it didn't matter. They were prepared.

An army of 25,806 stood united against a common enemy.

In the front stood the six leaders the collective races.

Emperor Auric Falconia stood tall, an axe and sword strapped to his belt. Golden, enchanted armor surrounded his chest and arms, light enough to be able to fly without problems.

Head Shammoness Sumu held her staff, a mask made to bring luck in battle covering her face. She opted to wear traditional zebafrican monk robes, knowing all armor would do was weigh her down, and it offered little protection against what they were to face.

King Iron Bull had his arms crossed, waiting to use his new battle axe on the monster that dared take his horn. Plenty of enchanted plating covered all of his vitals, ready to be put to the test.

Patches, the first Prime Alpha of the Diamond Dogs, was eager to show exactly why dogs ruled the ground.

And finally, there were the two Equestrian Princesses, Celestia and Luna. While the eldest was wearing golden armor designed to take extreme impacts from meteors themselves, a massive war hammer in hand, the younger was wearing a dark blue armor made of Star Metal, an ore taken straight from the heart of a meteor, a scythe across her shoulders.

“Where’s the dragons,” the Griffin Emperor asked. “They should've been here by now.”

“I heard old Hephaestus finally found his son and is going to avoid the creature in return,” Iron Bull stated. “Damn coward, that lizard.”

“He may have made a smart move for his subjects, if we were to suffer more casualties here,” Sulu said. “Even their scales can't hold up against his might.”

“Let green monkey come,” the alpha told them. “Dogs will show monkey who’s alpha!”

“We doubt it would be so easy,” the Solar Diarch told the Diamond Dog. “Thine ego will blind you. We know it won't be simple.” The dog simply scoffed and turned his head.

“Thou hast no hope for victory, sister,” the Lunar Princess asked. “Surly it’s might will fall against these odds. We are thousands strong, while it is alone.”

At the opposite end of the field, the creature emerged from the tree line, silencing all voices.

It was very similar to a monkey, a face with no muzzle or beak, just a simple nose and mouth on a flat face, one eye closed from a scar. Three golden earrings hung from it’s left ear. A green mane that was slicked back was the only visible hair on it's body, the rest of it covered by a forest green coat closed on the waist that was held by a red sash. Thick boots covered its feet, as it had neither hooves nor talons as natural protection. Scars were seen from the open portion of the coat. It’s trademark was hanging on it’s waist, three distinct katana.

Before the army was the Green Demon himself.

Roronoa Zoro.

Many of the combatants could be seen trembling from the mere sight of him. While a few had faced the occasional dragon raid or monster attack, this was something that stood at the top of the food chain. A predator that could hunt other predators for fun.

He drew his white blade, the one that he favored whenever he was forced to use only one, and pointed at the army. He shouted a final warning at his opponents.

“Now is your last chance to flee,” he said, voice rivaling that of the Royal Canterlot Voice, letting everyone hear him no matter their place on this soon to be graveyard. “War should only be fought by those willing to die, so flee now if you don't wish to fight. I promise that I shall not follow if you do.”

A few were thinking over his offer, many of whom were eager to just abandon this battle to make sure that friend and family would not worry or grieve over them. But none left, their hope that the beast before them would never again be allowed to roam free, a threat to all they cared about.

He smirked, happy to fight such brave, or stupid, opponents, then proceeded to tie his bandana around his head before drawing out all three of his blades.

Before anyone knew what happened, all felt a wave of some kind of energy flow throughout the battlefield, hitting all within it’s perameters. Nearly 10,000 fell unconscious, not to get up until the battle was long over.

The Green Demon had made his move.

Now it was the Celestial Sisters’ turn.

“White first,” he mumbled to himself, watching as the two Alicorns rose into the air, not being affected by his attack.

“Thou shan't go no further, Roronoa Zoro,” the elder alicorn stated, charging up her magic.

“This is the end of the line,” the younger said, her magic also being charged.

Both of the sisters brought their magic together, creating a massive gold and silvery orb with the power of the Sun and Moon behind it.

Twin Maximize Magic: Quasar!”

The gargantuan orb of magic shot down toward the human, who was waiting for this.

Three Sword Style: 1080 Pound Phoenix!”

Both attacks met in the air, neither giving in to the other, until a massive explosion rocked the very land they were standing on.

Zoro still stood, much to their dismay, unharmed by the powerful magic.

The Green Demon launched forward, swords ready to bite into any who dared come to close to their master.

The UEF army surged towards their single opponent, shaken but still certain of their victory.

The Final Battle had begun.