• Published 7th Oct 2017
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Equestrian Swordsman - PrincessMoonzilla

[Displaced] Name's Roronoa Zoro, and I apparently frighten the two sisters bad enough that they send a bunch of civilians at me. Yay?

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Ch 2: Swordsman's New Playmates

Chapter 2: Swordsman’s New Playmates

Twilight was nervous. It was completely understandable, given that she was about to learn about an enemy that toyed with Equestria’s greatest knight and her big brother.

“Don’t worry, Twi,” Rainbow said, placing a hand on her friend’s shoulder. “We can beat him! When have we met somepony who we couldn’t defeat?”

“This may very well be one of them.” All six girls turned to the new voice, revealing their Lunar Princess. “‘Twas was a stroke of luck that We even got the opportunity to defeat him. It might be something that thee shan’t get the privilege to receive.”

Celestia sighed. “Thank you for awakening, Luna. It would’ve been difficult without you.”

“‘Tis alright, sister. We shall see to it that Zoro is once again contained.”

“My Princesses, while this is good and all, why is he so dangerous,” Rarity asked. “Even when Discord was out, it didn’t have this kind of reaction.”

“Y-yeah,” Fluttershy mumbled. “It’s kind of scary.”

The two sisters stopped in front of a certain mural. This one’s centerpiece was exactly what Shining Armor had described. It was in a threatening stance, with a sword in each hand and one in it’s mouth. Most of the girls shivered seeing it. Surrounding the individual were many sentient creatures with large gashes across their chest, from dragons to minotaurs. He really did look like a monster.

“Roronoa Zoro, the Green Demon, or as he refers to himself as, the World’s Greatest Swordsman. And never shall I believe this to not be the case. Even when using one blade, few could match him in single combat. Any who dared attack him were either slain or extremely wounded. Some of his more frightening abilities are being able to sense others when nearby, attacking those that are intangible, and knocking out entire armies with his will alone. Many dragons pulled back during the end of our battles, maybe out of fear or reverence. Zebras have ghost stories that involve him stealing souls. And griffins are simply too afraid to even mention his name.”

“B-but you beat him, didn’t you? I mean, no one could stand against you two, right?” Oh poor, innocent Twilight.

“We’ve never been able to beat him,” Luna stated, anger in her voice. “Even at our most powerful, he defeated us with little more than bruises from our attacks. Every battle tactic was swatted away by his brute force. Even an army of dragons couldn’t stop him.”

“But you did beat him,” Rainbow said, a little worried. “How did you?”

Celestia facepalmed at the memory. “We found him asleep in the middle of the woods. He woke up right as the elements fired at him, petrifying him until Discord released him. It was almost embarrassingly easy.”

“What the hay! How do we beat ‘im, when ya’ll majesties can't do it,”

“Surprise Party? That always startles everypony!”

“There is one flaw about him,” the Solar Princess stated, upset that she needed to put Equestria's heroes in danger once more.“He will not raise a sword against those he doesn’t believe will offer him any entertainment in battle. This is perfect, as he hopefully won’t realize the threat you are when you find him.”

“With that in mind,” the Lunar Princess said. “Let us make a plan.”

===[Zoro’s POV]===

Ah, the Castle of the Two Sisters, what a beautiful sight. And by that, I meant that it looked like complete shit.

Granted, it had been maybe a thousand years since Luna’s possessed tantrum and Tia basically abandoned the place.

Still, though, why build a castle in a giant forest that isn't very easily tamed, filled with dozens of massive predators, with your horse subjects. Really people, common sense, ever heard of it?

Questionable building sites aside, it kept me dry, there was food aplenty near by, and so long as I avoided that cursed blue weed, I should be fine.

Now, the first order of business should be-

“ROOOAAAAWWRR!!!”Oh, good, lunch has arrived.

A manticore jumped at me, claws extended and tail waiting if I dodge. But I didn't. If I've gotten Observation and Conqueror down, I need to get Armament to an acceptable level.

My entire body was covered in a black, almost steel like substance. In my right hand was the manticore’s throat, trying to escape it’s prey-turned-predator.

No Sword Style: Pierce!” What? I quite literally rammed my hand through a manticore’s head, killing it instantly, mind you, and yet I still feel the judgement for the name? I bite my thumb at thee, good sir!

With that taken care off, it was time to skin and roast this bad boy!

I carefully took off the tail, knowing that it was still twitchy and I didn't want to get jabbed with poison. I really didn't like how one of my weaknesses for haki was randomness. Would probably put me at a disadvantage against the draconequus.

Now that I think about it, did he get placed back in stone already? Meh, not my problem.

I started a small fire, trying out if Armament Haki did in fact start fires. It works, by the way. But the fire I made was black, almost demonic looking. Fortunately, as soon as I lit a piece of wood on fire, that particular flame was a normal orange. Freaky fire didn't seem too good for my already bad reputation.

You know, now is the perfect time in which to contemplate how overpowered Haki really is.

“Hmm, now that I think about it, I should probably update my token.” That's right, buddy, I know I'm a Displaced, I've seen the whole shpeel, and I've done this before. Sue me for not being a complete novice.

I took off one of my earrings and focused.

My name is Roronoa Zoro, the World’s Greatest Swordsman! For those of you who seek a challenge, and those in need, just call for me! If you just want me as a tool in your plan, don't even bother. The only requirements are that you give me a great story and your best alchohol!”

I chucked that sucker hard, a rip into the Void appearing before it. That part always confused me, but I just chalk it up to Multiverse Physics.

While that was going on, I felt something along the edges of my Observation. Focusing, the aura was equine shaped, being the right shape but didn’t have the feel of a pony. Now, this peaked his interest, as when he was running into the area, this is the first thing that seemed somewhat sentient. Well, this and the chimera, but it really wasn’t worth a footnote on his radar.

I set down my meal and decided to take a walk through the woods.

Let’s hope that it wasn’t an enthusiastic one.


An hour of wandering and I found the visitor.

By visitor, it was a Zebra. And by found, I accidentally gave her a heart attack by bumping into her.

So I stood guard over the unconscious equine, curious about her. In the past, I’ve seen many zebras. Quite a few were alchemists who deemed the Everfree as a sort of final training, what with all the rare plants and monsters. Judging by the necklaces, she was close to finishing up. The amount of the gold bands indicated how long an alchemist was in her specific stage of training. Four leather for beginners years, five bronze for apprentices years, five silver for adept years, and six gold for expert years. After that, they would create a ceremonial necklace fashioned out of hydra leather, timber wolf bits, cocatrice teeth, and a crystallized poison joke.

As for where my information came from, a very eccentric stallion named Xante gave me a crash course on the aspects of zebra alchemy. He was by far one of my few friends in this world.

Heh, friends. I did have some during my brief time in this world. They were by far some of the best that Equestria had to offer a traveling Displaced.

Xante, Ignatius, Clover, Artemis, Golden Hoof, Baskerville and myself.

Us seven against the world. Quite literally might I add.

And all from some retarded minotaur…

Oh well, they wouldn’t want me pitying them when I should be celebrating their lives. After all, why focus on their death instead of what made their lives amazing?

“Oh,” the zebra, female might I add, groaned. “Truly a hallucination, I thought that -”

“Hi there, sorry about interrupting you, but I really don’t have time to translate your rhyming.” How did I know she rhymed? Xante. Zebras in general. Truly, nature’s poets. “Before you pass out again, name’s Zoro, I’m staying in the old castle, and I would like to be left alone. I’m sure you know what the name means and I’m sure that you’ll respect my wishes. I just want to rest in solitary peace if that’s alright with you.”

The zebra paled at my speech, but nodded. “I-I am Zecora, master of the Everfree’s Flora. If you are who you say, then why hide from the ruler of the day?”

“Because I’m very old, and I need to mourn and rest. Now, please don’t try bothering me unless something important happens.” As I walked away, I heard hooves running in the opposite direction. Huh, I guess I’m still very much a feared person.

I chuckled at that. If they won’t listen to the true story, then let them believe what they want. I’m not going to force them to believe something they don’t want to.

===[3rd POV]===

The CMC were standing on the edge of the Everfree Forest.

“Are y’all sure ‘bout this,” Applebloom asked her compatriots.

“Don't worry about it,” Sweetie Bell told her friend. “We’re just going to visit Zecora.”

“Yeah, and maybe we can find a monster to tame,” their ADHD pegasus friend, Scootaloo said. “Imagine a cutie mark for manticore taming!”


“Applebloom, don't you worry about anything. What’s the worst that could happen?”

And thus, Murphy’s Law was evoked by the fillies who cause enough chaos to rival the draconequus himself.

May whatever god out there have mercy on that poor forest’s non-existent soul.

Author's Note:

Ah yes, chapter two. Now I'm getting committed!
On a serious note, I am once again sorry for any confusion that one receives when reading my stories.
Love ya'll and thanks for reading!